Ipusukilo community thanks govt for piped water

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—-Ipusukilo Catholic Parish Priest in Luwingu district, Fr Christopher Paisoni, has praised Government   providing piped water to the community in Ipusukilo area.

Speaking when Northern Provincial Minister, Gerry Chanda and his delegation toured Ipusukilo over the weekend, Fr Paisoni said the community in the area is happy with provision of quality pipe water by the state.


He urged the minister to convey the message to President Michael Sata for the quality water people of Ipusukilo has been provided.


Fr. Paisoni has appealed to government for KR15,000 to sustain the water reticulation system that has been provided to the people.


The priest noted that the hydro-power project which the Government promised during its campaigns is in process as the constructor is on site.


He, however, called on government to improve the road network which is in a deplorable condition.


Fr Paisoni also urged government to send more Ministry of Health personnel to man Ipusukilo Clinic as the health facility requires more   people to run effectively the institution.


In response Northern Provincial Minister, Gerry Chanda, said government enjoys working with the Church as it has been a strong partner in national development.


Col said the church has partnered with government in the provision of effective public services in education and health sectors.


He urged the church never to relent in supplementing government’s efforts in the provision of services to the people in the nation.


Col Chanda said President Michael Sata needs the Church to keep praying for him as he has a heart for church activities.