RB seeks criminal asylum in SA – Sata

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—-President Michael Sata says the South African government is not ready to give criminal asylum to former President Rupiah Banda.

President Sata explained that Mr Banda did not know that the government can have him extradited from South Africa to Zambia so that his immunity is removed.

The Head of State charged that MMD president, Nevers Mumba, his UPND counterpart, Hakainde Hichielma and Mr Banda were looking for criminal asylum in South Africa.

President Sata was commenting on the recent revelations of opposition leaders who held a media briefing in South Africa and called for the suspension of Zambia from the Commonwealth.

Mr Sata stated that out of the three opposition leaders who held a media briefing in South Africa, only United Liberal Party (ULP) leader Sakwiba Sikota was the clean.

Mr Sata called on the opposition political leaders to return home and exonerate themselves.

He said this during the swearing in ceremony of Itezhi Tezhi UPND Member of Parliament (MP), Greyford Monde, who was appointed yesterday as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and becomes the first UPND Member of Parliament to accept a government ministerial position.

“When people are hiding you don’t know what they went for to South Africa because the person is looking for asylum but he does not know we can go to South Africa and get him extradited and come remove his immunity here,” he said.

“So the only person who was clean out of all those was Bo Saki. Nevers Mumba and HH were looking for criminal asylum and the South African President is not ready to give Rupiah Banda, HH and Nevers Mumba asylum. They should come here and singthe song here in Zambia,” Mr Sata stated.

Meanwhile President Sata has implored Mr Monde to put the people of Itezhi Tezhi first as he serves in the new capacity.

Mr Sata told Mr Monde that he would have found it difficult to develop Itezhi Tezhi had he continued belonging to the UPND.

President Sata charged that the UPND is a small organization and a one-man centred party.

“And you, Mr Monde, you are welcome. I know Itezhi Tezhi very well but belonging to a small organization like UPND, which is one-man centred, there is nothing you can do in Itezhi Tezhi, you can’t even develop a road from Itezhi Tezhi to kalomo or Mazabuka. Now you have come to a large family and the people must come first and you second,” he said.