Alcohol abuse irks Women for Change

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—-Women for Change (WFC) has expressed concern over the escalating levels of alcohol abuse by both men and women in the country.

Women for Change Executive Director, Emily Sikazwe says the financial resources being wasted on the consumption of alcohol by some households could be better invested in economic ventures that could improve their living standards.

Ms Sikazwe told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the abuse of alcohol only retards an individual’s well-being and inhibits their development in life.

She explained that both women and men ought to take the matter seriously so as to curb the scourge because it does no good to a family, community and country as a whole.

Ms Sikazwe is saddened by the rising cases of unacceptable alcohol consumption among both the male and female forks in the country.

She advised men and women in the country to ensure they prudently utilise their finances rather than spending it on liquor which she said only caused unacceptable conduct.

Ms Sikazwe reminded Zambians to uphold the country’s Christian morals and values as Zambia is a Christian nation.