– Empowerment fund beneficiaries see no difficulty pay back

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—Beneficiaries of the Youth Development Fund in Eastern Province have expressed optimism of paying back all the loans that they got from government without difficulties.

Eastern Province Youth Entrepreneurs Network Chairperson, Mwima Mtine, has since praised government for creating an effective way of empowering youths in the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata today, Mr Mtine explained that the move by government to have an effective system of disbursing the youth empowerment fund should be commended as it has helped in uplifting the living standards of most youths in the country.

Mr Mtine noted that it is due to this organized way of disbursing the fund that the youths in the province will be able to put the funds to good use.

He explained that so far, almost all the 18 groups that received the cheques two months ago have made progress in investing their monies in various economic projects.

He said the network is working tirelessly to ensure that all beneficiaries do not misuse the money but rather invest in projects that will make it easy for them to pay back the loans.

Mr Mtine added that the network was established with the objective of creating a platform for members to exchange business ideas and strategies on how best to utilize the loans so that they do not default.

He said most of the members are adhering to the contractual obligations and are aware on when they are supposed to start paying back the money.

And Mr Mtine has disclosed that the network is also devising mechanisms and plans to work together and put up chain stores using empowerment funds in the province that would be solely owned by Zambians.

He has since urged youths in the country to be proactive and make significant contributions to the economic development in the nation, adding that youths should not allow themselves to be used by politicians as tools of violence.

Last year, government disbursed more than K 800 million as youth empowerment funds to 18 youth groups and individuals in Eastern Province.

And Youth and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, has strongly warned against those that will fail to pay back the loans that government will not hesitate to bring such people to book.


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