Councilors demand explanation for CDF

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Councilors demand explanation for CDF

Mwinilunga, February 13, ZANIS —– Councillors in Mwinilunga district have demanded for an explanation from the government why Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has allegedly been withdrawn from the Mwinilunga district council.

In a strongly worded statement availed to ZANIS, Mwinilunga District Council Chairman William Mukang’ala said it has never happened before in any given administration for money to be withdrawn from a council without informing account holders.

Councillor Mukang’ala charged that the residents of Mwinilunga are upset because the community had already been informed and applications were received and approved for CDF.

He accused the government of sidelining Mwinilunga district from benefiting salaries, wage arrears and retirees’ benefits which the government had been allocating to other councils as grants in the country.

Mr Mukang’ala said residents of Mwinilunga district are appealing to the government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to send back the money as it was meant for salaries, wage arrears and retirees benefits.

He said the recall of CDF would retard development in the district and challenged the government to make it clear if Mwinilunga was not part of Zambia.

According to the letter written to the Council Chairman William Mukang’ala by the Council Secretary  Mwansa Nfula, CDF had to be withdrawn due to a mix up on account numbers for Ikelengi and Mwinilunga districts.

The Councilors however, have said there was no proof that there was a mix up with account numbers.