Road markings between Zimba and Lusaka are almost non-existent – Friday Samutenta

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A concerned Gwembe resident has called on the Road Development Agency (RDA) to consider putting road markings on most Zambian roads in a bid to lessen road traffic accidents.

Friday Samutenta, who is also Movement for Multiparty and Democracy (MMD) councilor in Kota-kota ward, said the road markings between Zimba in Southern Province and Lusaka are almost non-existent.

Mr. Samutenta observed that motorists have difficulties in knowing where their lanes end hence increasing the risk of colliding with the oncoming vehicle especially in the night and during heavy rains.

He told ZANIS that most road markings were faded and RDA has not routinely marked the roads to indicate the dividing lines between single lanes.

The civic leader further said road signs were there to alert first-timer motorists of road bends and other road signs.

Mr. Samutenta said there was also need to change speed signs in tune with the ever-increasing traffic on Zambian roads.

He observed that most speed limits were put when traffic was less.

Mr. Samutenta suggested that government should technically apply speed limits on passenger vehicles that cannot be flouted.

He further advised government to seriously put a night driving ban on truck drivers to lessen fatigue on the part of long distance drivers.

Mr. Samutenta has since commended President Michael Sata for his effort to improve Zambian roads and on his plans for government to create dual carriage ways on roads leading to major towns and cities.

He said these measures could help reduce road traffic accidents.