ZANIS COPY -Chembe Royal Establishment appeals for speedy delivery of relief food

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Chembe Royal Establishment appeals for speedy delivery of relief food


Mkushi, February 12,ZANIS—The Chembe Royal Establishment in Luano District has appealed to government for speedy delivery of relief food to cushion the hunger situation in chief Chembe’s area.


Chembe Royal establishment Spokesperson Benford Katiti told ZANIS that people in Luano district were in urgent need of relief food as the area had experienced natural calamities such as flash floods and the invasion of army worms.


Mr. Katiti said that the hunger situation in the area was becoming worse as most of the crop fields had been submerged by flash floods caused by the rise in the water levels of Lunsemfwa River.


He said that prior to the floods, most of the crop fields in the area had been devastated by army worms which had invaded the area two months ago.


He described the hunger situation as worrisome, adding that residents were mostly living off wild tubers known as ‘Busepo’.


Mr. Katiti noted that even though some residents had money to buy food, there was no food available for buying.


He said that several school going children had abandoned school and had accompanied their parents who had to work in farms in the nearby districts of Chongwe and Kapiri-Mposhi.


And Mkushi District’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) recently resolved to distribute the relief food available in Luano valley chiefdoms to mitigate the hunger situation.


Mkushi’s DMMU Chairperson Christopher Chibuye disclosed half of the available 90 metric tonnes of relief maize, would be distributed to the Luano Valley chiefdoms such as Chembe, Mboroma and Mboshya.


Mr. Chibuye, who is also Mkushi District Commissioner (DC), said that the other half of this relief maize consignment was earmarked to be distributed to the needy people in other parts of the district.


He noted that the Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ) were the current relief food Distribution Agents that had been contracted by the DMMU, addinging that challenges with transport logistics was causing delay for these Agents.