Heavy rain brings down 115 houses, leaves 1600 households homeless in Mumbwa

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About 115 houses have collapsed due to the heavy rains leaving 1600 households homeless in Mumbwa’s Nangoma area.Mumbwa District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse disclosed the calamity in an interview with ZANIS in Mumbwa yesterday.

Mr Shamabanse said the incidence happened on Tuesday evening following a heavy downpour which also left several fields of crops flooded and many household properties worth thousands of kwacha destroyed.

The District Commissioner has since described the incident as disastrous saying it requires urgent government intervention.

He said Myoye Dam has also collapsed while roads, including those leading to Senior Chief Shakumbila and Chief Kaindu’s palaces have become impassable.

Mr Shamabanse expressed worry that if the heavy downpour continues for 10 or more days, as indicated by the Meteorological department, then there will be serious disaster in the district.

And Mr Shamabanse has expressed concern over the delay by Nyiombo Investments to distribute the much awaited top-dressing fertilizer (Urea).

He complained that to date, farmers in the district have not yet received Urea, a situation he said will affect the yield.