Dr Guy Scott calls for meaningful private partnership to enhance development

Chrismar Hotel - Livingstone

Vice President Dr Guy Scott has called for active private sector participation if the country is to record meaningful social and economic development.

Dr Scott urged the business community in the country to take advantage of the PF government’s economic programmes in creating wealth and jobs for Zambians.

The Vice President said this when he graced a meeting with Livingstone Business and Local Community leaders at Livingstone’s Chrismar Hotel today.

He said the PF government is calling for meaningful and enhanced Public Private Partnerships (PPP) aimed at creating jobs for Zambians.

Dr Scott explained that the PF government is in a hurry to deliver meaningful development to all Zambians but cannot achieve this alone hence the request for the participation of the private sector.

And speaking at the same meeting, Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo attributed the underdevelopment of the tourism industry in Livingstone to lack of effective representation at parliamentary level.

Ms Masebo urged the people of Livingstone to seriously consider voting for a PF Member of Parliament who can engage government without any difficulties unlike in the past where opposition MPs were censored by their parties.

She said government is actively addressing some of the impediments that hinder the growth of the tourism sector.

Earlier, several business executives urged government to address some of the hindrances to the growth of the tourism industry.

Aspiring Livingstone Central PF candidate, Lawrence Evans also attended the meeting.