Chingola widow in property ownership saga with Katumbi

Moses Katumbi

A woman of Chingola District has appealed to Government to intervene in her case where Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Katanga Province Governor, Moses Katumbi Chapwe, has allegedly failed to settle rentals amounting to
KR 600,000.

Bernadette Mwenya says Tamba Bashila, a company owned by Mr Katumbi, has refused to pay rentals for the use of her property, Plot 24 of Nchelenge District, which the company was using.

She said this is after she bought the plot in question in 2003 from the Engineering Services Corporation (ESCO) at the cost of KR 20,000.

Ms Mwenya, a widow with nine children, said she pegged the rentals at KR 5,000 but Mr.Katumbi has since refused to pay the amount to date.

ZANIS reports that according to documents provided, dated 2nd March, 2006, signed by a Mr Andrew Chipwende from the Zambia Privatisation Agency (ZPA,) the property was sold by ESCO to Ms Mwenya.

Ms Mwenya claims Tamba Bashila has refused to pay for the rentals because it contends that the plot should have been sold to it as a sitting tenant.

She said Tamba Bashila has aggravated the situation by renting out her property to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Fresh Direct among others without her consent.

But efforts to get a comment from Mr Katumbi on his mobile phone proved futile as he was outside of coverage area.

But his Lawyers, William Nyirenda and Company referred all queries to Mr Katumbi.

Mr Kennedy Bota told ZANIS to ensure that the information regarding the property plot number 24 Nchelenge is solicited from Mr Katumbi.



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