Chadiza parents to take each other to court for failing to pay school fees

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Parents with pupils at Chadiza Day Secondary School have resolved to take to court their colleagues who failed to meet the obligations of their childrens school fees.

The resolution was passed last Wednesday during the Parents Teachers Association Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This was after it was observed that some parents had made it a habit not to get involved in making financial contributions to school programmes through payment of school fees.

During the same meeting, Chief Zingalume thanked the teachers of Chadiza Day Secondary School for working hard and serving the community although under difficult conditions.

Chief Zingalume asked the community to do their best in putting in place upfront materials so that other stakeholders could easily come to their aid to complete the projects.

The Chief also told the parents that the Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, John Phiri, was expected to visit the district, hence the need for them to be prepared adequately so that their cry for enough secondary schools in their area would be justified by injecting in their contribution.

And speaking during the same meeting, school head teacher, Focus Phiri, called on other organizations to supplement the efforts by Churches and government by getting on board to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) whose numbers were increasing every year.

The parents, who encouraged their children to claim that they were orphans and yet the parents existed, were warned that the law would visit them.

Mr Phiri also warned parents who were in the habit of supplying beer and drugs to school-going boys that they risked being arrested for their action that he said spoiled the future leaders.

And members of the community whose animals strayed into the school crop fields were advised to take great care as they would be prosecuted for failing to take care of their animals.