ZANIS COPY – Kampyongo urges Prisons Services to observe discipline

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—-Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Stephen Kampyongo has called for stern action against indiscipline and undedicated Zambia Prisons Service Senior Officers.

Mr Kampyongo has emphasized that Senior Officers should remain disciplined and dedicated to their duties while government is working round the clock to improve their conditions of service.

Mr Kampyongo was speaking when he launched the remarkable two days Zambia Prisons Service Senior Officers Conference at Gonde Lodge in Kabwe yesterday.

He said discipline is the cornerstone of men and women in uniform and thus called for stern action against all cases of indiscipline stating that government does not condone indiscipline behavior especially that which leads to low productivity in national development.

“As Senior Officers, the government expects you to lead by example and that is by being exemplary dedicated to the service, being corruption free and most importantly remaining disciplined so as to be emulated by our Junior officers,” said Mr Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo further said government through his ministry is aware that the Prisons Service is endowed with so many challenges but can do better with such profitable and strategic conferences by its stake holders.

“It is governments aim to have departments that run efficiently and effectively to deliver the much needed services to the Zambian people,” he said.

As the prison facilities grow smaller due to the overwhelming number of inmates incarcerated, there is need to increase the number of officers and accommodation to match the increased responsibilities.

Mr Kampyongo said, “The challenges are not just about the security of the prisons but also about the welfare of officers.” ………and that…….. “We cannot just talk about the state of prisons and congestion without talking about officers and their needs.”

Mr Kampyongo informed the delegates that government is going to embark on the implementation of a massive housing construction project that will see the construction of over 12,000 housing units that will help mitigate the impact of the current accommodation crisis around the country.

He further informed delegates that plans are underway to purchase assorted equipment, uniforms for both officers and inmates, and other items that will help improve the morale and impetus of Prisons Service men and women in the country.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier, Zambia Prisons Service Commissioner, Percy Chato said that Senior Officers Conferences are significant as they enable Senior Officers to strategize on the way forward for the development of the Prisons Service coinciding with the service vision.

“Our vision is to provide correctional and humane safe custody of inmates through the promotion of education, skills acquisition, socio economic services, and industrial or agricultural production that promotes stakeholders confidence and sustainable economic development,” said Commissioner Chato.

Mr Chato also confirmed to ZANIS later that the conference is pertinent as they have finalized their strategic plan for 2013 to 2017 and as well, told the Senior Officers to uphold discipline starting with them as role models and further mentioned that only then would the Junior officers emulate and give a standing ovation to their behavior.

The high level conference which is apparently, the highest policy making body for the service, is being attended by mostly Senior Officers and Prisons Service’s Farm Managers from all over the country and will extend to Friday as the Prisons Service Senior Officers will then be holding their Annual Ball.