Chef 187, Pilato shine at East Point

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AS is the case every weekend, Kabwata’s East Point Discotheque was again in the mix last Saturday.
Forget about the usual obscenity that has been a distinct feature whenever there is a show at the joint, this one was unique in many ways.

In the building was Pilato and Chef 187, Macky II’s look-alike sibling. Yes, it was an all-Copperbelt ‘Copala’ party and the artistes lived up to their standards.

Mind you, these are two artistes who literally “dropped” from nowhere and immediately made an impact on the music scene.

Understandably for Chef 187, however, perhaps many people remember him for a cameo appearance in Macky II’s Seka Uponoke and that XYZ Diss song, but it is the opposite for Pilato.

Pilato, a poet who is also actively involved in theatre, took the country by storm when he came with his Ichashishita hit song.

Perhaps many people didn’t take him seriously except for maybe Robam Mwape and Owas Mwape, who have both worked with him in theatre and drama.

Away from that, Saturday’s show at East Point delighted many.

Even though the patrons who filled the nightspot as early as 21:00 hours had to wait for three to four more hours, the show was a relief to those that wanted to breathe some fresh air away from the nudity that characterises performances at the joint.

Well, others might have been disappointed by that but the majority seemed to care less as they were too busy dancing and seemed lost in Pilato’s poetry even though it was Chef who took to the stage earlier.

The artiste is enjoying overwhelming support from not only Copperbelt fans but countrywide too.

The response he received from the patrons was evident enough. In fact, at some point, it was the crowd that was coming out the loudest even with the huge speakers around.

After Chef had warmed up the stage for him, Pilato, who always while on stage dons a beige robe and a shaggy wig with a beard, stormed the stage unannounced during Chef’s performance with a ladies shoe on his right foot.

His tongue-in-cheek music, which to some extent is satirical, also has a fusion of humour and well-co-ordinated conscious rhymes.

Saturday’s show wasn’t short of that. What more with Zambia’s one-all draw with Nigeria at Mbombela Stadium in the ongoing AfCON tournament in South Africa the day befor

Kanayo Kanayo and GYK were some of the curtain-raiser acts for the night.


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