Police claim innocence over suspects saga

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Central Province Police Commissioner, Standwell, Lungu has refuted claims that police in the province have a tendency of releasing suspects without full consent of complainants.

This is after many complaints were received from some Kabwe residents, saying that the police were allegedly releasing suspected culprits from custody without the knowledge of the complainants.

Speaking to ZANIS, Mr Lungu explained that the police were not practicing such vices but believed there was misunderstanding between the police and the complainants as apparently most complainants did not understand that they were not entitled to be informed of police action after the arrest of culprits.

“It is according to the arresting officer’s discretion after thorough investigations in a matter that the suspected culprits are releases but usually on police bond and not that they [suspects] go scot free, no,” confirmed Mr Lungu.

He further said conditions of police bonds vary pertaining to the magnitude of the case and that the complainants apparently do not understand this procedure.

And on allegations of police officers at Central Police in Kabwe having had released Chinese nationals that beat up three Zambian nationals at Mulungushi University a fortnight ago, Mr Lungu said the perpetrators were arrested on assault charges and were later released on police bond unlike reports that they were let free of their assault charges and fled to their respective country, China.

He further mentioned that if that was the case then a search warrant would be released by the court to the police to arrest them if they do not appear in court at the stipulated time.

One of the victims of the renowned Chinese beatings, Henry Natamoyo, appealed to Mr Lungu to ensure that the culprits are brought to book by his officers and should amicably be dealt with in accordance with the law and not dealing with matters on a personal perspective.

“According to primary investigations, the said Chinese nationals are not out of the country nor are they completely released but are only on police bond and likely to appear in court at a stipulated time of their bond,” said Mr Lungu.

He urged the complainants to feel free to visit his office for any clarifications on the police measures and the basic constitutional laws of the country as he believed it was not only the duty of the police to enforce national law but also their responsibility to help the general citizens to understand the it.