PMEC sensitization commended

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Mkushi District Commissioner  Christopher Chibuye has applauded the Payroll Management Establishment Control (PMEC’s) efforts to address the challenges affecting several government workers in Mkushi district.

Gracing the PMEC sensitisation program for Mkushi yesterday, Mr Chibuye observed that PMEC’s outreach program illustrated government’s commitment towards normalizing the work force establishment.

He expressed hope that PMEC would conduct more outreach programs to enlighten government workers about its operations, saying that several departments had long standing challenges that needed to be addressed.

The district Commissioner noted that the sensitisation program was a very important exercise which deserved serious attention from government’s work force in the district.

And PMEC official Mercy Monjeza implored governmental Heads of Department in the district to make timely decisions on updating the work force establishment in their departments.

Mrs Monjeza stressed on the importance of updating as well as accurate recording of data pertaining to salary scale, transfers, promotions as well as retirement and personal emoluments of all government workers.

She pointed out that issues such as errors and omission of allowances on workers’ pay slips oversights came about as a result of wrong data that had been submitted by the controlling officers at district level.

Mrs Monjeza further emphasised on the need for workers to report pay roll matters such as underpayment, overpayment as well as wrongful deductions, to relevant authorities such as Personnel or Human Resource.

She mentioned that developments required prompt action from the affected worker, explaining that the data entry systems at PMEC reflected only the information that had been submitted from End User authorities from Provincial headquarters.

The PMEC from PMEC Headquarters in Lusaka is on a trail of sensitisation programs in the districts of Central Province. 




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