BoZ urges public to handle new Kwacha carefully

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The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has called on the members of the public to desist from subjecting the new bank notes to harsh handling or any other form of experiment.

BoZ Head of Public Relations Kanguya Mayondi said told ZANIS in Lusaka today people must know that all banknotes have a limited lifespan which can be determined by how the citizens handle them.

Mr. Mayondi reacting to public concerns that the new rebased Kwacha notes, especially the K5, were fading easily.

He said the Bank of Zambia would appreciate to see the new fading notes so that an appropriate assessment is done.

The Central Bank Head of Public Relations said it was difficult for the bank to take corrective measures without any tangible evidence of the fading notes.

Mr. Mayondi said the Bank of Zambia’s clean banknotes policy encourages proper and safe handling of the banknotes.

He said the Central bank expected members of the public, with encouragement from commercial banks, to ensure that banknotes were handled in a proper manner.

He said the Bank of Zambia was ready to cooperate with all stakeholders in order to find effective ways of educating members of the public on how to handle the country’s currency.

Mr.  Mayondi said BoZ will continue to sensitise the public on the bank’s clean note policy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mayondi has expressed satisfaction and happiness with the overwhelming acceptance of the rebased Kwacha by Zambians ever since the new notes were introduced into circulation almost a month ago.