Teacher dies after whirlwind hit classroom block

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A 32-year-old teacher of Lui basic school in Kaoma district has died after being hit by iron roofing sheets while he was teaching in class.

Both Kaoma District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Mutumba Sendoi and Kaoma District Commissioner Joster Manjolo confirmed the incident in separate interviews with ZANIS yesterday.

The incident happened on Friday last week at around 16:00 hours.
Mr. Manjolo, who identified the deceased as Prisca Matakala, said the teacher was teaching grade eight pupils when suddenly a whirlwind hit a one by three classroom block where she was and ripped off iron sheets.

He explained that the late Matakala was hit by one of the iron sheets that sliced part of her head.

Mr. Manjolo said Matakala died when she was being rushed to Kaoma district hospital due to excessive bleeding.

He said all the 35 grade eight pupils escaped unhurt but were left in trauma.

Mr. Manjolo expressed sadness that the Ministry of Education has lost a valuable human resource that could have greatly contributed to the learning of children.

He said the deceased teacher was dedicated because she had offered herself to work in a rural school such as Lui.

He said Matakala was put to rest today after a post-mortem at Lewanika General Hospital in Mongu.