Shortage of mealie meal hits Chirundu

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Critical shortage of mealie meal has hit Chirundu with those having the commodity selling at KR 58, the price which has raised concern among the residents.

A survey carried out by ZANIS in Chirundu this morning found that most of the outlets at the main market had run out the commodity with only two shops having few bags of 25kg breakfast and were selling between at KR 57 and KR 58 respectively.

Members of the public talked to said they were not happy with the prevailing situation as they also complained about the hike in the commodity price.

They said that in order for them to sustain their lives they were looking for maize to buy with a view of taking it to the hammer millers.

Meanwhile Chirundu Ward Councilor Nevers Muchindu who also confirmed the development has called on National Milling Company and Superior Milling Company to open up mealie meal outlets in the area in order to reduce shortage of the staple food and allow people to buy the commodity at the recommended price.