PF will not allow anyone to disturb peace in Kabwata

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Patriotic Front Kabwata Constituency Chairperson David Silubanje has vowed not to allow any person to disturb the peace and order that exist in Kabwata.

Mr. Silubanje said people of Kabwata were not interested in political rallies but in ensuring that development programs in the area progressed.

He said the PF in Kabwata constituency will therefore not engage in violence but will cooperate with the police in maintaining law and order as well as promoting an atmosphere that is conducive for development.

He said the Patriotic Front in Kabwata constituency was aware of the insistence by opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to hold their rally in the area.

Mr. Silubanje said the opposition political party was insisting to hold a rally in the area because of a well known PF traitor whom UPND has been working with so that it will easy for it in case a by-election arises.

He however stated that the PF in Kabwata will still wait for a decision from the central committed pertaining to the case of area Member of Parliament Given Lubinda.

In the recent past, some Patriotic Front members from Kabwata constituency have been accusing Mr. Lubinda of working with the opposition United Party for National Development.