Malawi pledges support to help Zambia fight piracy

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The Malawian Government has pledged to support the Zambian authorities to ensure successful conclusion of the on-going investigations in the case where pirated DVDs destined for Zambia went missing at Mwami Border in Eastern Province.

Malawi’s Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture, Fletcher Zenengeya, said the Malawian authorities were ready to assist Zambia in its investigations into the disappearance of the DVDs which were seized in Malawi last year.

Mr Zenengeya made the pledge when Zambia’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Lilongwe on yesterday.

The Malawi Revenue Authority, in collaboration with the Copyright Society of Malawi, confiscated DVDs at Kamuzu International Airport last year destined for Zambia valued at ZMK84 billion (before the rebasing of the currency) and
subsequently handed them over to Zambian authorities at Mwami Border in Eastern Province.

However, the said DVDs are missing and investigations into the matter are underway.
Mr Zenengeya lauded Zambia for its efforts in trying to fight piracy through the planned introduction of the hologram, a security feature that would be affixed on all audio visual products.

He said piracy is a big problem globally and the Copyright Society of Malawi is playing a critical role in fighting it in the country.
“Gradually you will be there. You may not eradicate it [piracy] but the best is to get somewhere. The most important part is to see to it that the artists benefit from their works,” Zenengeya said.

And Malupenga thanked the Malawian government for its support to Zambia towards fighting piracy.
Mr Malupenga said the case of the missing DVDs was being handled by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Zambia Revenue Authority.
“Luckily because of the determination from your officers we were quickly tipped and we followed up the matter and I travelled to Mwami… Our colleagues at the ACC and Zambia Revenue Authority picked up the matter… I am appealing, through you, to the government on how you could cooperate with our investigative agencies to ensure that we conclude this matter. The public is eager to hear the conclusion of the matter,” Malupenga said.

He said the problem of piracy is widespread in Zambia and the government is having difficulties in curbing it, hence the decision to introduce the hologram to protect audio visual products from unscrupulous individuals.

Malupenga said he, with his delegation, had successful engagement with the Copyright Society of Malawi and the information shared would help Zambia in its implementation process of the hologram.