Civic leader appeals for relief food

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Kampumba Ward Councilor in Kapiri Mposhi district, James Chinda, says several villagers in his ward are facing serious starvation and has since appealed to government to deliver relief food to the area.

Mr Chinda told ZANIS in Kabwe today that starving villagers were finding it difficult to afford buying maize from others who have the cereal at between K7 and K8 while in other places a bag of 50kg of maize is selling at between K84 and K96.

Mr Chinda explained that the worst hit are people that come from the valley who flee from the Mailon brothers saying these were facing untold hunger because they have not grown any type of food.

He named some of the most affected areas as Lunsenfwa, Mulenge, Kabanga, Chishinka and Ilungu where the hunger situation is critical.

Mr Chinda appealed for quick action from government to save the people from starvation by providing relief food to the area.

Meanwhile, Mr Chinda has bemoaned the state of the road leading to Kampumba as being in a deplorable sate requiring quick attention by government.

He said there was urgent need for government to work on the road which has been damaged by heavy rains.

Mr Chinda also called on government to consider providing safe drinking water to Manyinya basic school for pupils and teachers.

He explained that the pupils and their teachers resort to drawing drinking water from nearby streams which was not safe for human consumption.

He suggested that a borehole would be more appropriate at the school to ensure pupils and teachers draw safe drinking water to avoid water borne diseases.