BOZ called to extend sensitization

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People Living with disabilities in Livingstone have called on the Bank of Zambia (BOZ) to extend sensitization programmes on the rebasing of the Kwacha to people with

Speaking in an Livingstone on Friday, Network of Persons living with Disabilities Chairperson George Mizinga noted that most of the members were still ignorant about the rebasing

He said BOZ should conduct more sensitization on the exercise especially on the deaf and the blind people to avoid them been swindled by unscrupulous people.

Mr Mizinga said if nothing was done, the organization might ponder taking legal action against the Central Bank.

“We want the Central Bank to do more sensitisation on the rebasing of the kwacha especially among the deaf and the blind failure to which as an organization we might consider taking some legal action against it,” said Mr Mizinga.

And Mr Mizinga has condemned the by-elections taking place in the country saying it was a sheer waste of money which could be channelled to more needy areas such as improving the welfare of the vulnerable and persons living with disabilities.

Mr Mizinga said it was clear that most politicians were more interested in their own selfish gains at the expense of representing poor Zambians.

He explained that the by-elections are a costly undertaking for the country and should be avoided at all cost.

He appealed to politicians to deeply reflect before causing unnecessary by-election which he said are detrimental to the welfare of the poor and vulnerable people in the country.

“ I wish to appeal to members of parliament who intend to resign that while they want to achieve their selfish interest, they should know that their actions has a negative bearing on the welfare of poor
Zambians,” said Mr Mizinga.

Livingstone is poised for parliamentary by-election next week following the resignation of former UPND Member of Parliament Reverend Howard Sikwela.

Meanwhile, Mr Miziinga has complained that his organization has been left out in activities aimed at preparing for the United Nation World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) this year.

He said the organization was ready to contribute in any way towards the event but that it was marginalized.

“We are the only organization which has been left out in the UNWTO preparations yet we have the ability to contribute towards the event,” Mr Mizinga said.