Stakeholders set boundary for new Sikongo

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Stakeholders who attended a meeting to determine boundaries for the newly declared Sikongo district have resolved to adopt the current Sikongo constituency boundaries as its district leaving the chiefdoms intact.

The resolution by the stakeholders was arrived at in the council chamber meeting in Kalabo yesterday where a secret vote was conducted to adopt the current constituency boundaries leaving chiefdoms intact.

Officiating earlier at the function Kalabo District Commissioner Ireen Mate said that declaring Sikongo as a district by President Sata was a noble cause to be received with gratitude as it would be a manifesto ultimate goal of bringing power to the indigenous people and help in bringing development to the area.

And Chieftainess Mboanjikana  now of Kalabo and Sikongo districts was also in attendance from her Libonda Barotse Royal Establishment and her spokesperson The Muleta, Matakala Moya said that they were happy for both the harmony that prevailed in the meeting and for now having two districts in their chiefdom.

President Sata on the 26th of November, 2012 declared Sikongo that has ten wards and was a sub-boma of Kalabo as a district pursuant to the provincial and district boundaries ACT CAP 286 of the Laws of Zambia.