Govt reaffirms commitment to develop all parts of the country

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The PF government has reiterated its committed to equally develop all parts of the country irrespective of tribe or political affiliation.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, Bob Sichinga, said he was very impressed with the works people in Choma were doing, especially in bring people on board to PF programmes.

Mr Sichinga said this when he welcomed 42 women and youth who joined the PF from Kulundula and Simacheche wards.

The minister said the PF government, under the leadership of President Michael Sata, was looking to the youth for ideas, innovation and creativity to develop Choma district.

He said the government will work to ensure to put more money in people’s pockets in line with the PF’s manifesto.

Mr Sichinga commended veteran politician, Daniel Munkombwe, who was present for choosing to work with the government of the day on important policies and urged others to emulate him.