KCM threatened with legal action over recognition agreement

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Consolidated Miners and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CMAWUZ) president Thomas Mpanshi says his union plans to take legal action against Kansanshi mine company management for its alleged refusal to sign a recognition agreement.

Mr. Mpanshi said in an interview Solwezi today that despite several attempts to engage the KCM management over the signing of the recognition agreement, the mine has been reluctant to do so.

He said this situation is unfortunate and shocking because the union is a legitimate body by law to represent the interest of workers in the mining industry including Kansanshi mine.

He said the refusal to sign the recognition agreement was a clear indication that the mine was violating the labour law and denying the workers of representation on their interest

He said CMAWUZ represents 400 workers at Kansanshi  mine while 178 are with first quantum minerals company.

He charged that the union has been left with no option but to seek legal redress against the Kansanshi mine management.