Grade 11 pupil goes missing after crocodile attack in Kalabo District

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A 22 year old grade eleven pupil of Kambule Technical Secondary School in Mongu  has allegedly been killed by a crocodile at Muyu stream of Tapo area in Kalabo district.

Nguwe Sitwala of Namang’a Village in Chief Ishambuto’s area in Mongu district went missing after the reptile attacked him last Tuesday at around 09 : 00 hours.

ZANIS reports that Kalabo District Zambia Wildlife Authority [ZAWA] Park Ranger Jarton Shawa confirmed the incident in an interview in Kalabo today.

Mr. Shawa says that Nguwe met his fate as he was heading back home with his elder brother Lutangu from collecting their cattle in the Barotse Flood Plains.

He said that as  the two brothers crossed Muyu stream on their way back Lutangu told Nguwe to wait for him so that he could get the canoe but Nguwe decided to cross the stream by swimming  behind  the cattle.

The Park Ranger said  a while later Lutangu  said he heard Nguwe screaming behind and when he rushed to the rescue he found that his brother had disappeared.

He said that this prompted Lutangu to rush to the nearby Muyu Village to report the matter to the village authorities who upon being taken to accident scene found the dead body of Nguwe with injuries on the right leg.

The deceased was put to rest on the same day.

Mr. Shawa said that just upon receiving the report he immediately instructed any of the villagers having a licensed fire arm at Tapo to eliminate the crocodile if seen and also later sent Wildlife Police Officers to the scene to destroy the beast.

He said that the vicious reptile was just seen the same Tuesday of the incidence by one of the villagers suspected to had been fishing but to date has not been destroyed and his officers are now back to Kalabo but the search by the villagers to eliminate the crocodile continued.