Govt. to establish venture fund for Agriculture sector development

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Government says  private Investments plays a positive role in stimulating the growth of food production and the agriculture sector in general.

Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Luxon Kazabu says this growth can be achieved when private investments are targeted at the most critical stages of the agriculture value chain, which he said were serious challenges being experienced.

The Deputy Minister cited the Leather Industry, Hatcheries, Agro-product processing, Forestry  as specific areas in which private investments are required in Zambia.

He was speaking in Germany today when he made a presentation at the ongoing 2013 International Green Week and Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin.

This is contained in a statement to ZANIS by First Secretary of Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy to Germany Yvonne Shibemba.

The minister said the PF Government will continue to explore strategies that will facilitate and support private investments into the agriculture sector including the establishment of joint ventures both foreign and local.

Mr. Kazabu also said that the Zambian National Agriculture Policy does provide for the participation of both public and private institutions in the development of the agriculture sector.

The Deputy Minister said a coherent policy framework and well-targeted public investments focusing on public goods such as agricultural research, rural infrastructure and education could help enhance agriculture investment.

In concluding his presentation Mr. Kazabu extended an invitation to potential German investors to come to Zambia and invest in Livestock farming and crop farming.

Others in the delegation attending the Forum included Deputy Director of  Agric-Business and Marketing Kezi  Mbita Katyamba,  Acting Deputy Director, Policy and Planning  Michael
Isimwaa and Principal Agriculture Research Officer  Louis Chikopela, all under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is a political meeting that focuses
on vital issues related to the future of the global Agro-food industry.

The Forum, which is held annually in Berlin, draws participants from civil society, the scientific and business communities.

This year the forum has attracted over 80 Ministers from around the world.