Kapiri receives K R200, 000 for street lights

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Kapiri Mposhi District Council has received K R200, 000 from the Ministry of Local Government for the street lighting project.

ZANIS reports that Council Secretary, Mpande Hamwende disclosed the development in an interview today.

Mr. Hamwende said the funds will be utilized for street lighting of a stretch of 1.2 Kilometers around Kapiri Mposhi Town Center, along the Great North Road.

The CS said the resolution to light up the town center was arrived at by stakeholders who expressed concern at the lack of street and security lights along the Great North Road.

Theft of goods in transit on trucks and buses at night around the town center along the Great North Road in Kapiri Mposhi is rampant because of lack of security and street lights.

Most cargo and valuables that include Copper and fertilizer are stolen from moving trucks and buses at the spot.

Mr. Mpande commended government for the funds noting that provision of street lights will greatly improve security in the area.

He said the project will commence soon after the procurement of a contractor.