Court clerks and messengers in Gwembe continue getting ‘ free ‘ salaries

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Court clerks and messengers at Gwembe’s Chipepo local courts have continued to draw salaries without working following the retiring of local court judges about two years ago.
ZANIS reports that Chief Chipepo Representative, Samson Siabwengo said  in Gwembe today that government has also continued to loose court revenue following its delay in recruiting judges in Chipepo.
Mr. Siabwengo said courts are important as they offer justice and redress and wondered why government has given a blind eye to the calls by Gwembe people to have the local courts operational.
He said court clerks and messengers are now drawing salaries without rendering a service, adding that the Chipepo community cannot blame the officers.
Mr. Siabwengo has appealed to government to consider deploying local court judges to the area in order to revamp the much needed court services.
And a Gwembe husband who sliced his wife’s left eye during a domestic fight has pleaded guilty in the Monze magistrate courts.
Pontianos Chidila of house number 288 in Gwembe Township assaulted Marilyn Sianjina 27 of the same address last week.
Fists were allegedly used, leaving Sianjina with a cut on left eye, swollen face and general body pains. Police in Gwembe told ZANIS that the victim heard the suspect speaking to some woman on the phone and suspected Chidila of having an extra-marital affair.
Sianjina then grabbed the phone from her husband who turned on her,  and beat her with fists. The suspect is in police custody and will reappear in court for facts next week.
And police in Gwembe turned down Sianjina’s request to withdraw the assault case against her husband owing to the magnitude of the matter.
Police have advised would-be victims to think twice before reporting cases to police.