The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) refutes reports regarding convention participation

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The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has refuted reports that it pushed in a late entry to participate in the ongoing Western province constitution convention.

The Kuta told ZANIS in Limulunga today that the position of the Barotse Royal Establishment that it would not take part in the constitution making process still stands.

Induna Kalonga explained that the BRE sent three Indunas to the ongoing provincial convention yesterday to go and inform the technical committee that the BRE’s stance on the issue still remained the same.

“We are still consulting our district Kutas and other stakeholders over the same issue before a final policy statement is given to the government and the Western provincial administration was advised accordingly,” he explained.

Induna Kalonga said the BRE was not happy with some media reports suggesting that the Litunga had sent three Indunas to represent him at the convention.

The Induna has since demanded for a retraction adding that there was need for journalists to verify their facts before writing stories.

He said the Litunga can never be quoted in any news story but his spokesperson the Ngambela or any Induna representing the BRE.

The constitution convention is being held at Mongu College of Education and has attracted many stakeholders from all the districts in the province.

The convention ends this Saturday.