Police arrest Pharmacist in Mumbwa for theft of drugs

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Police in Mumbwa District of Central Province have arrested three people including a Pharmacist from Mumbwa District Hospital in connection of theft of drugs amounting to KR7, 000.

Mumbwa District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse and Police sources confirmed to ZANIS today that the trio who includes one female where apprehended in the afternoon yesterday.

Mr. Shamabanse named the Pharmacist as Maurice Ngwenya 35 of Rentals Compound in Mumbwa and who works at Mumbwa District Hospital, is alleged to have been supplying drugs belonging to the Ministry of Health to private people in Lusaka.

He said a female client who was delivering the drugs to Lusaka was cornered at a police check at Nangoma carrying two Omega bags full of drugs on a bus.

The drugs which include 100 x 100 bottles of quinine, 10×1000 bottles of amoxicillin capsules, 2x 1000 bottles of erythromycin, undisclosed number of coartem and 22 boxes of cannulaes were recovered at the scene.

And Mr. Shamabanse has vowed to clean up the civil service in the district adding that the law will visit all those breaking it.

He said that government is trying by all means to stock enough drugs in the hospital and he would not allow indiscipline civil servants to frustrate its efforts.

The DC said it was disheartening to see people given prescriptions to buy drugs and yet there are enough drugs which people are denied due to selfish medical staff.

The trio is expected to appear in court on Monday.