RSTA urged to bring sanity on Zambian roads


The Commuters’ Rights Association of Zambia has called on the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to ensure there is sanity on the Zambian roads.

Commuters Rights Association of Zambia President Aaron Kamuti stated that it is cardinal that the RTSA continue being effective in maintaining order on the roads across the country.

ZANIS reports that  Mr. Kamuti observed in an interview in Lusaka, today,  with that he expects absolute change in behaviour from both the motorists and the Law Enforcement Agencies responsible.

He further implored commuters of public buses to report cases of abuse from the Public Service Drivers.

Mr. Kamuti said that as an Association, it wants to see the rights of commuters across the country upheld by all.

He lamented that in the past there have been rampant cases of Public Service drivers harassing travellers.

Mr. Kamuti commended Transport and Communications Deputy Minister Colonel Panji Kaunda for taking it upon himself to also be part of RTSA in carrying out its operations of impounding erring motorists.