Thieves steal solar panel at health centre

solar panel - Stock Photo

Thieves have stolen solar panels and batteries at Kaanzwa Rural Health Centre in Chief Kaingu’s chiefdom in Itezhi tezhi district of central Province.

Itezhi tezhi District Commissioner Roy Nang’alelwa disclosed during a District Development Coordination Committee (DDCC) yesterday adding that the theft of the solar panels has made it difficult for the health centre to operate effectively.

Mr. Nang’alelwa said that it was sad that people could steal solar panels from a health centre which was providing health services to them.

The District commissioner was also upset by reports that Itezhi tezhi police have released the suspect who was apprehended and taken to police by vigilant communities around the health centre.

“The villagers from around the health centre reported to me that they apprehended the suspect and took him to the police but was later released and no arrests have been made for the theft of solar panels” he said.

He said that thieves who steal government property meant for communal use should not be left scot-free.

He further directed the police to revisit the case and bring to book all the suspects in the theft.

But Itezhi tezhi Police Officer-in Charge Paul Samamba who was among members of the DDCC meeting explained that it was true that a suspect was arrested and later released.

He said that the man who was apprehended by the villagers was the buyer of the stolen solar panels and that the key witness to the case is at large.

“Given that the key witness in case run away, we had no option but to released the suspect” Samamba said.