Two Chinese nationals nabbed in Kabwe for assault


Two Chinese nationals were yesterday arrested after beating up three Zambian nationals including a security guard of Mulungushi University in Kabwe.

The duo were arrested by the Zambia police around 16:00hrs yesterday [Sunday] following a tip off from panorama security firm guards who caught the two culprits with the help of the victims.

Efforts to get a comment from central province police commissioner Standwel lungu failed as he was reported to be in Lusaka attending to other official duties while Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela’s cell phone went answered.

ZANIS reports that, a Mulungushi University security guard Henry Natamoyo confirmed the development.

Mr Natamoyo said he received a report around 15:00hrs yesterday from the workers that the Chinese would leave the following day [today] which made he Zambian workers to demand for their wages.

But the Chinese contractors decided not to give in to the workers’ demands but opted to physically deal with the workers.

Mr. Natamoyo said when he tried to intervene in the matter he learnt that the Chinese had locked up one Zambian worker in the toilet  where they brutally assaulted the victim.

He further explained that as he rushed towards the toilet, one Chinese national tried to block him from getting to the toilet to prevent him from seeing the injured worker.

“After I found the first Chinese, he told me not to proceed to the toilet but I insisted. Then I saw six Chinese nationals brutally beating a helpless Zambian national who was trying to escape from the toilet and I took a video of their brutality using my [mobile] phone.” said Mr. Matamoyo.

Mr. Natamoyo further said that one of the six [and main culprit] named Mr. Chu [commonly known as Yeye noticed his initiative of capturing the incident as way of evidence thus confronted and kicked the brave security officer in the leg and dropped the cell phone thereby distorting the clip.

“He ran after me [like u can see in the video] and kicked me in the leg then my phone fell. He picked it grabbed my radio and continued kicking me while I was still on the ground until a group of fellow Zambian workers rescued me and helped get my phone and radio back.” explained  the officer.

Meanwhile, a bricklayer, Samson Zulu confirmed to ZANIS that it was true that it was six Chinese nationals who beat him up.

In his explanation of the incident, Mr. Zulu said that upon hearing that their debtor and employer, Mr. Chu would be leaving [today], he together with his colleagues demanded for their wages worth millions of kwacha from their employer who declined to give them for over a month.

Mr. Zulu said they (Chinese) first started with hitting his colleague, Honest Mulenga with a bottle in the head and the other hit him on his hand thus causing deep injuries in the hand and a cut in the victim’s head.

“We found them drinking and chatting in readiness to leave for Lusaka and humbly asked about our money as we learnt that they were leaving [today] and they told us to see them at some other time but when we insisted, Mr. Wang called me aside.

“ Without realising it was a plan, Mr. Chu hit my shoulder from behind with a bottle and when I fell in agony the six started kicking me all over, strangled my neck and then dragged me to the toilet where they continued with their brutality.” lamented Mr. Zulu.

Mr. Zulu who showed evidence of the strangling and bruises to ZANIS further said that he only found chance to flee when the culprits were alarmed that Mr. Natamoyo and the other workers were heading to the toilet.

The perpetrators then later drove off but Mr. Natamoyo called the police and commanded security personnel at the gate not to allow them through thus forcing the perpetrators to abandon their vehicles at the gate and rushed to the main road to try and sought vehicles to Lusaka but to no avail.

Sadly, the two Zambian nationals, tried to flee away the culprits but only managed to rescue the main culprit Mr. Chu who is still in hiding but with his whereabouts allegedly known by the police.

And, two were arrested around 16:00hrs, and the other three initially fled but naively appeared at Central Police in Kabwe  hours later, trying to bribe the police officers who arrested two more while one escaped yet again.