Nathan Nyirenda


NATHAN Nyirenda, a Zambian poetic gospel musician continues to remain a marvel to watch and listen to as he is undoubtedly a multitalented individual who has taken a step in his music hurtle.


On Tuesday night, Nathan was at Lusaka’s Golden Bridge Hotel to celebrate Love with a relatively large number of couples that attended his Valentines Romantic Saxophone Serenade he titled “Let there be Love.”


With a live band backing him and talented vocals, Nathan managed to give the audience which was mostly in pairs, the value for their money.


Only musically because the other service, dinner to be specific, left a lot of couples complaining. Not Nathan’s fault of course, but purely the hotel’s.


But the highlight of the show was a young lady with what would be described as a magical voice. What a number of people questioned was where has this great voice been or where is it hiding?


It was Nsofwa Mkosa imminent who mesmerised the audience when she sang the Whitney Houston’s popular track I will always love you, originally done by Dolly Parton.


The audience had no choice but to accord the lady a big round of applause with a lot not denying her a standing obviation.


She surely deserved it.


Towards the end of the show, Nathan engaged the entire audience to do one of legendary Bob Marley’s track No Woman NoCry.


The audience undoubtedly had fun as they tried hard to sing the expensive Marley’s lyrics.


Nathan is a happy man as he fulfilled the atmosphere on the special day.


“Let there be love forever” he commands.