– Govt. launches Zambian Parliamentary Conservation caucus

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Govt. launches Zambian Parliamentary Conservation caucus

Lusaka, May 14, 2013, ZANIS — Vice President Guy Scot has launched the Zambian Parliamentary Conservation caucus (ZPCC) that has been formed solely to raise awareness on conservation issues.

The ZPCC ‘s vision is to provide a non partisan channel for all political parties in the Zambian Parliament to have a voice and engage in meaningful dialogue on the conservation and natural resource management for the common benefit of all Zambians.

Dr. Scott said that that conservation is a fundamental component to sustainable development, poverty alleviation, conflict avoidance, good governance and national security.

ZANIS reports that the Vice President said this at the launch held at the Government Complex in Lusaka today.

Dr. Scott hoped that the caucus will bring the necessary attention, education and science to policy makers and business leaders to help them make better-informed decisions regarding the environment.

He said the formation of the caucus in Zambia means that the Zambian Parliamentarians have joined the global movement of the conservation caucus of nations and committed to playing their part in Zambia.

At the same function, the Neville Isdell Foundation donated US$3 million to the Zambia component in the Kaza TFCA intended to contribute towards the strengthening and empowerment of rural communities.

In addition, the donation would go towards the promotion of conservation enterprise development through joint venture among communities, private and public sectors.

In addition, Tourism and Art Minister Silvia Masebo said that it is the first time that such a caucus has been formed in Zambia.

MS. Masebo expressed gratitude that Members of Parliament have realized the need to be part of driving force to wild life conservation.

She noted that the tourism sector has potential to generate employment and create wealth for the country.

 Various MPs and Ministers, Representatives of the communities, Officials from Chiefs Affairs and members of the ZAWA board, attended the launch.