BBC : President Edgar Lungu denies funding Rwanda rebels

Major Callixte Nsabimana Sankara

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has denied accusations that he was bankrolling a Rwandan rebel group whose spokesman is facing trial for attacks in Rwanda in 2018 that left scores dead.

The former spokesman, Callixte Nsabimana, told a Rwandan high court on Monday that President Lungu had promised his National Liberation Front (FLN) some $1m (£796,000) to help topple the Rwandan government, the AFP news agency reports.

He said President Lungu had made a down payment of $150,000 to support of rebel attacks, the French agency reports.

But President Lungu’s spokesman said the allegations were false and should be treated “with the contempt they deserve”.

“The peoples of Zambia and Rwanda continue to enjoy strong and fraternal relations founded on mutual respect,” presidential spokesman Isaac Chipampe said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mr Nsabimana has pleaded guilty to all charges, Rwandan news website The New Times reports.

They include the formation of an illegal militia group, taking part in terrorist activities, killing, kidnapping and denying and undermining the 1994 genocide.

Mr Nsabimana has denied some of the charges, including being a leader of the rebel group.Article share tools


Invictus Group CEO, Obinwanne Okeke, pleads guilty to $11m fraud


Young Nigerian entrepreneur, Obinwanne Okeke, the Chief Executive of Invictus Group, who was charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for an $11 million internet fraud, has pleaded guilty to the charges. He agreed to the charges of a computer-based intrusion fraud scheme, which caused $11 million in losses to his victims, on Thursday, June 18, 2020.

This was disclosed in a publication by the US Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia, Department of Justice and seen by Nairametrics.

According to the court documents, Obinwanne Okeke, 32, and his co-conspirators were involved in these acts from 2015 to 2019 through various computer-based frauds. The conspirators obtained and compiled credentials of hundreds of victims, including victims in the Eastern District of Virginia and some other places.

As part of the scheme, Okeke and others engaged in an email compromise scheme targeting Unatrac Holding Limited, the export sales office for Caterpillar heavy industrial and farm equipment. In April 2018, a Unatrac executive became a victim of a phishing email that allowed conspirators to capture login credentials. The conspirators sent fraudulent wire transfer requests and attached fake invoices. Okeke took part in the efforts against Unatrac through fraudulent wire transfers totalling nearly $11 million, which was transferred overseas.

The Invictus boss pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to commit wire fraud and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison when the sentence will be given on October 22. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the US Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

Obinwanne Okeke, who had made it into Forbes Africa’s under 30 list in 2016, had initially denied committing any crime against American citizens or companies and, as such, questioned the jurisdiction of the court in US. Although they didn’t deny committing the crime, they did not want the prosecution to go on in US.

The FBI, had also in August last year, released a list that contained about 80 Nigerians, who were involved in money laundering, aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy to commit fraud amongst others.

It can also be recalled that just 2 days ago, the United States Department of State published the names of 6 Nigerians who had been charged for internet fraud of over $6 million against American citizens and businesses.

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John Daka’s journey from Lusaka, Zambia to NFL

John Daka
John Daka

His mother had urged him to always have a backup plan, but John Daka was stuck. He’d told her he was going to play in the NFL one day, but now that dream seemed more impossible than inevitable, as far away as Zambia, the homeland he couldn’t really remember.

Senior Feature – John Daka

Our penultimate Senior Feature video today has us taking a look at one of the nation's elite pass rushers in John Daka, a defensive end out of Upper Marlboro, Md.#GoDukes

Posted by JMU Football on Monday, March 23, 2020

What could he do? Transferring down a level for the 2018 season, from James Madison to a Division II school, would feel like giving up. Enrolling at another school, without a scholarship to cover his tuition, wouldn’t be fair to his mother. She had already given him so much. Remaining with the Dukes wouldn’t be easy; his relationship with the staff was strained.



Dr. Chitalu Chilufya , Dora Siliya test positive for COVID-19 with over 1,000 confirmed cases

Dora Siliya
Inonge Wina has urged Petauke residents to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Dora Siliya

Zambia is one of southern Africa’s most impacted nations despite being way behind continent leader South Africa.

A lockdown imposed by President Edgar Lungu has since been relaxed following a continent-wide trend. This article will focus on major developments coming from the southern African country.

Local media portals have reported that Zambia’s health minister has tested positive for COVID-19. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya becomes the second cabinet member to be infected.

Chilufya has been in the fore front of the country’s fight against the virus among others giving press briefings on developments and announcing virus control measures.

Last week, information minister and government spokesperson Dora Siliya confirmed having been infected and explained that her decision to publicize the news was to help combat stigma.

Zambia’s case statistics stands at 920 cases, 336 recoveries, seven deaths and 577 active cases as of May 27, 2020 GMT. Local media are also reporting 137 new cases over the last five days and 433 recoveries. If confirmed the case count will pass the 1,000 mark and recoveries will also surpass 760.

Information Minister and chief government spokesperson, Dora Siliya, confirmed testing positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. In a video posted on Twitter, she said she had gone into immediate self-isolation despite being asymptomatic.

“I have since alerted the ministry of health and I have given them all my contacts especially in the last 10 days,” she added. “Let us continue to observe social distancing, masking and washing our hands regularly,” she advised.

The World Health Organization’s Africa head reacting to the news today congratulated the Minister for being open about her status and wished her speedy recovery.



Heaed Bars, night clubs, Cinemas, Gyms and Casinos closures -KANGANJA


Following the directive by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zambia in his address to the nation today on the COVID 19 pandemic , to close all Bars, night clubs, Cinemas, Gyms and Casinos, all Provincial Police Commissioners should ensure that they enforce this directive which will be in effect Thursday mid night.

Officers in Charge of Police Stations and Posts working in collaboration with the Local Authorities should devise measures of ensuring that the directive is strictly adhered to without fail.

They are all expected to intensify both foot and motorised patrols and ensure that regulations under the Statutory Instrument number 22 restricting public mass gatherings are enforced.

I therefore appeal to members of the public and the business community to cooperate with all relevant authorities who are working round the clock in an effort to avert the Corona Virus Pandemic. Furthermore, I wish to warn all those that would want to deliberately ignore the directives or provisions of Law that they risk being arrested and charged accordingly.




25 March 2020, Johannesburg – Airlink, the South African-based domestic and regional airline, is suspending all operations after midnight this Thursday, 26 March 2020 in support of South Africa’s lock-down to slow and contain the spread of the COVID-19 “Coronavirus”.
“In the face of this global public health emergency, the safety and well-being of our customers, crew, employees their families and communities is our priority. It is our responsibility and civic duty to support and comply with the new and stringent measures restricting everyone’s movement, which were announced on Monday night by President Ramaphosa,” said Airlink Managing Director and Chief Executive, Rodger Foster.
“We intend to gradually reinstate a new optimised schedule of services once the lock-down has been lifted. Whilst the restrictions are currently intended to last for 21 days, we will take our cue from the Government and the relevant health authorities. Our target date for recommencing operations will be 20 April 2020 and we will continue to keep our Customers, Travel Agents and Operators informed should unforeseen circumstances necessitate a change to this date” added Mr Foster.
Airlink had already planned to operate independently using its own flight code “4Z” from 11 June 2020, this will now be brought forward to 20 April 2020 as we resume our schedule.
The last date for the acceptance for travel on Airlink SA8 flights for passengers holding SAA “083” tickets will be this Thursday 26 March 2020. Thereafter passengers will need to purchase a new ticket on Airlink – 4Z (749).
Holders of tickets for travel on SA8 after 26 March 2020 with a ticket number commencing with the digits “083” should contact SAA for a refund as SAA holds the funds paid in advance for these bookings on behalf of Customers. SAA refunds may be contacted on +27 11 978 1786 or email [email protected] Airlink SA8 flights will no longer feature after 26 March 2020.
Airlink has requested SAA to temporarily suspend the interline agreement which was implemented to facilitate the re-accommodation of current SAA bookings issued in conjunction with Airlink’s SA8 flights which were to have been re-accommodated onto Airlink’s 4Z flights.
Airlink Customer Care team will be available in the lockdown period during office hours to assist passengers with queries about 4Z bookings on cu[email protected] We are still seeking clarity from the authorities on our ability to operate additional customer and agent telephonic support during the lockdown period.
“On behalf of Airlink, I want to thank our customers, suppliers and service providers for their patience, understanding, support and cooperation during these unprecedented times, in this unfortunate apocalyptic situation that is totally beyond our control” said Mr Foster.

Daily Nation: Dipak Patel stops Bill 10


Mar 19th 2020, 11:55
DIPAK Patel, a Hindu by religious persuasion and Zambian of Indian origin, who is a chief campaigner of UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema has stalled the debate on the Constitution Amendment Bill no.10 after petitioning the state in the Constitutional Court. The House has since adjourned to observe health precautions Government has imposed to prevent the spread of Corona virus. Mr Patel, yesterday petitioned the Constitutional Court challenging the failure by government to present all loan agreements to Parliament for approval before they are signed. Mr Patel yesterday forced a three hour suspension of Parliament debate of the Constitution Amendment bill no. 10 after the court papers were served on the National Assembly. The Speaker has asked for more time to study the court papers. Among the proposals in Bill 10 is the maintenance of Zambia as a Christian nation rather than a multi religious state. In his ruling on a point of order raised by Muchinga Province, Maloza Sichone, whether the house was in order to be sitting when the minister of health had issued regulations barring such, the Speaker asked the Vice President Inonge Wina to guide the House. Ms Wina said on March 13, the minister issued statutory instruments on guidelines on public gatherings which also included the closure of schools, colleges and universities. The House later adjourned. “Mr Speaker, members of this house are not immune to the virus and I propose that the House adjourns sine die,” Ms Wina said. In his petition in Constitutional Court, Patel argued that it is a constitutional requirement under Article 63(2)(d) that the National Assembly must approve all public debt. He has sued the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General as the respondents in the matter. In a petition filed in the Constitutional Court, Patel wants the court to make a declaration that the contraction of debts by respondents without prior approval by the National Assembly is an illegal abrogation of the Constitution. Patel said he will tell the court that as a Zambian citizen and a tax payer, he is affected directly by any debts that the respondents authorize and sign on behalf of the government.
[Daily Nation]

I wish to confirm Zambia’s first 2 cases of COVID-19 -Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) with his Sudanese counterpart attends the inauguration of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, Turkey on Monday, July 9,2018.

Fellow Citizens,

I wish to confirm Zambia’s first 2 cases of COVID-19. The patients are a Zambian couple that travelled to France with their two children for 10 days.

Our surveillance system was able to detect that they transited through high risk COVID-19 countries.

The couple has been isolated and receiving treatment in Chilanga.

I want to salute our gallant men and women carrying out surveillance at all points of entry and our hardworking health personnel.

I ask all members of the public not to panick. Report any suspected cases or symptoms to the nearest health facility.

[State House Press Office – Zambia]

Zambia’s first coronavirus patients


Zambia has confirmed its first two cases of Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus, involving a couple who had travelled to France, the health minister has told the BBC.

They had gone on holiday for 10 days with their two children and were told to self-isolate on their return home on Sunday, Chitalu Chilufya said.

None of them had shown any signs of being ill, but they were tested for coronavirus as they had come from a high-risk country.

“We have isolated all the four into our facility [in Chilanga]. We have highly trained personnel that are managing them,” Mr Chilufya said.

“We believe they will be due for discharge in the next couple of days,” he said.

On Facebook, President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians not to panic and to report any suspected cases or symptoms:

Earlier, he called on people to pray: “We are a nation of faith. In times such as these when the world is under siege by a pandemic such Covid-19, we take action as well as look to God in prayer.”

On Tuesday, Mr Chilufya had announced various measures to stop the spread of the virus.

All schools and universities are to close indefinitely from Friday, while churches and bars have been advised to restrict their hours of operation.

Non-essential travel has also been discouraged with Zambian missions abroad have been directed to review visa applications from high risk countries.