Life is very difficult, especially in the third World countries, so, in order for people to survive, they are finding ways of surviving by developing skills that they would not, if life was offering a variety of opportunities.

Today, most of our youths have gone into music or art because that seems to be the easiest chance available to survive.

Unfortunately, even there, it’s not easy which is why renowned musicians such as Jk and Kings Malembe Malembe have opted to be Musicians for Lungu.

Let’s face it, they are making money and advancing the chances for President Lungu to stay in power, even if the economy is going down.

By the way, have you heard the 2021 Edgar Lungu songs. They have nice beats such that I am putting up a lot of resistance to play them in my car, since I am EEP President. Ala Edgar Lungu nashupa na 2021, I wonder if we will survive.

Another open space for people struggling to earn a livelihood, is the Church, Pastoral work.

We have more Pastors than converted people, because, being a Pastor in many cases, is about earning a livelihood and not being a “Man of God” as it were.

Please note that, I am not talking about all the Pastors and other religious people, some are genuine, the problem is how to identify them.

Churches are competing with the Govt and BONAZA (lottery) in taxing citizens. A number of Pastors insist on the 10% religious Tax called ‘tithe’ but they also enter into a lottery when they say, give more and you will win a religious lottery dubbed as “Prosperity”.

Poor people, with no jobs give their little coins, like people betting on BONAZA and other lotteries, hoping to receive their life desires from God. I am sorry, that is being naive, to me.

The worst preys to these unconverted pastors, are the successful women, regardless of their marital status because even married ones are taken advantage of, though single ladies are the easiest.

Successful, women want to maintain some respect and pride when they meet reasonable and independent men (like me). So they play hard to get, even if they feel so cold in this winter, but they open all doors to these Pastors, because they are cheated that, they are giving it all to God.

These women go to confess to the criminals that they have pearls under their dresses and they want someone to give, yet they expect to walk back home with their dresses on.

How do you go and confess your loneliness and desperation to a man who spends time making a bead pertain, with a 3 hours hair-cut, muscles like he is going to act a movie, smelling like a grilled chicken and puts up an American accent. Who do you think he does all that for?

A man is supposed to earn his bread, but he comes to your house for delicious meals, you think that is normal? Wake up sister, when this guy is finished eating your food, he will eat you too, and if you have other ladies in your house, trust me, he will jump on them as well.

These guys are looking for survival and they will go to great length to catch you. If it is patience, they will give it to you, until you submit.

I am not preaching but I am sharing what is very close to me, I have seen it and some women are being destroyed right now, by the very people they thought brought salvation right into their hearts.

Anyway, ladies, continue giving us a hard time when we offer you paid for dinner, because you are rushing to for prayers with your Pastor, but remember this article as you pray.

By the way, is Mr and Mrs Chileshe (Cosmas and Maureen) around? I have a gift for Pastor Cosmas Chileshe. I want him to pray for me, I might also marry Tshala Muana


  1. There goes comedian tayali!However, I agree with him the contents of his article. He I’d right!! Most of the pastors today are fake! They were poor some years back, but today look at third mode of transport,their houses! True Missionaries brought the gospel and education using their own resources. Yes,later people were asked to give offerings without strings attached such ad if you give you will be prosperous.No wonder Nevers chose politics. I hope he is not regretting for quitting his prosperity ministry international ¡!