UPND women accuses Veep of letting women down


UPND women have called Republican Vice President Inoge Wina to wake up, be brave  and voice out on police violence against women.

UPND national Chairperson for Women Namakau Kabwiku said the Vice President should remember that political will and leadership is critical.

Ms Kabwiku accused Ms Wina of letting down  women in the country saying “you have let us down as women, mama Wina.”

The UPND national Chairperson for Women said this following Madam Wina’s silence on Police harassment and brutality on Ms Mutinta Mazoka M’membe.

Ms Kabwiku said Ms Wina despite being a mother, widow, grandmother and first Woman Vice President has let the womenfolk in Zambia down by her silence.

“As women we expect a woman in a decision making position like madam Wina to utilise her position and speak out whenever a woman is faced with abuse of Human Rights and Gender Based Violence,” said Madam Kabwiku.

She  said Ms Wina should not look at her position for cash but to save the womenfolk from violence and poverty.

She also said that Ms Wina should be aware that violence against women is not  confined to any political party but cuts across the country irrespective of politics, tribe or region.

“We have seen female journalists including  pregnant and nursing  mothers been dragged to court for simply reporting things as they are while cadres and PF officials  involved in violence are left scott free.”

Ms Kabwiku regretted that  Ms Wina also remained mute when PF cadres undressed Priscilla Mwiinga in full view of the police simply because it was a UPND cadre involved forgetting it was a woman involved.

“Politics aside mama, be real, show us the benefit of having  a woman Vice President, police harassment against women entrepreneurs, like Mutinta and female journalists should end and not be tolerated.”

Ms Kabwiku emphasised that there is no ruling  or opposition political party where police violence against women is concerned and hence  advised Ms Wina to embrace everyone if Zambia is to end violence against women.

Ms Kabwiku regretted that the harassment of Ms M’membe by police happened in her own home meant to be the safest place.