Zambia will never have proper democracy


Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) has charged that Zambia will never have a proper democracy if its media remains compromised.

ADD president Charles Milupi says his party does not also think meaningful development in the Country can take place with a compromised media.

Mr. Milupi notes that the public media in the Country is one such media the ADD believes must not be compromised.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Milupi says his party is concerned that the public media in Zambia has developed a tendency of  making it appear that opposition political parties do not exist.

Mr. Milupi states that such a tendency is contrary to what is expected in a democratic Country.

He says his advice to the PF government is that it be wary that having a media that only signs praises for it will make it very difficult to know what is happening in the Country.