President Edgar Lungu says Zambians should consider venturing into fish farming as the vice has a potential to create wealth.

Speaking to journalists when he toured his fish ponds at State Lodge housing more  than 2500 fingerling this afternoon, President Lungu said Zambia continues to enjoy the best water and favourable environment in the region and in addition to the over 4 million Cows and 6 million Goats kept in the farms across the Country, Fish farming had the potential to create wealth for Zambians.

The Head of State who wanted to showcase his fishing project said he wanted to set an example that fish farming can be done and hoped that many Zambians consider venturing into the project.

President Lungu after touring his fish ponds at State Lodge housing
President Lungu after touring his fish ponds at State Lodge housing

“I am setting an example. People can earn a living through fish farming, there is a lot of money. And remember that these things are contagious. Set up one stand for popcorns and others will do the same. Put up a stand for Salaula, and several others will do it. Today, I could be alone showcasing my fish farm but tomorrow, many other Zambian will venture in this initiative. Our people can venture into fish production both for the table and for sale,” said President Lungu.

He said fish farming can create food for ones table and can also generate income for someone if put on the market.

He said fish farming was also easy to grow as fish multiply easily.
“We simply constructed the Pond, stocked it and they began to multiply……Anybody can venture into fish production,” he said.

President Lungu was accompanied by his special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Michael Katambo, Minister for North Western Province Richard Kapita, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe among others.