Sexual harassment probe at Lilayi Police College


The Human Rights Commission says it is investigating reported cases of sexual abuse of pupils at Kasama Girls Secondary School in Northern Province to establish their authenticity and ensure that culprits are dealt with accordingly.

Commission Spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya in a statement says the commission is also investigating allegations of sexual abuse of female police recruits are Lilayi Police College so far one female has officially launched a complaint with the commission.

Mr. Muleya says depending on the findings of the investigations, the commission will engage the Zambia Police Service to ensure that perpetrators of girls and women sexual exploitation and abuse are appropriately punished for acts of sexual harassments.

He says rape and defilement are serious forms of violence of human rights against women and girls and constitute against humanity as it is used as a weapon of compromising the vulnerable women into harmful sexual practices.

Mr. Muleya states that the commission acknowledges the pledge by the government through the ministry of general education and the ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the allegations of sexual abuse at the two respective institutions.

He says such public pronouncements commitments are in line with the government’s national, regional and international human rights obligations to protect victims of human rights violations through effective and prompt investigations and punishment of perpetrators.

The Human Rights Commission Spokesperson has since appealed to victims to report their ordeals to the commission offices across the country.



  1. There is also need to probe serious sexual abuses of women at Kasumbalesa allegedly by ZNS officers. It is reported that women have resorted to smuggle mealie meal at night as it has become easy for officers to get the payment in kind. Many marriages have been affected. Our country is going from bad to worse and one wonders were we are heading to. So we have two deaths now all cause by our ZNS, The other woman who died was being chased by ZNS officers and she ran into an on coming car.