Nevers Mumba
2016 New Year Message By Nevers Mumba

We, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD), wish to strongly re-affirm that Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba firmly remains President of the party and wish to dispel all the mischeveous misinformation that has consistently been circulated in the public domain by the enemies of the party challenging this fact.

Dr. Mumba was democratically and duly elected MMD President, by landslide victory, in the MMD Party Convention of May 2012 for a five-year term which expires in 2017. We therefore challenge the assertion that Mr. Felix Mutati is the President of the MMD by the fact that Mr. Mutati lost to Dr. Mumba in that election, a position which has never been challenged anywhere nor by anyone.

After that Election, Mr. Mutati remained party member and Chairman of the Commerce Sub-comittee of the MMD National Executive Committee. He was later expelled from the party for gross misconduct in March 2015. He appealed against this expulsion and he humbly submitted himself to the MMD Truth and Reconciliation Disciplinary committee and was forgiven and re-admitted to the party with a proviso that he desist from engaging in activities similar to those which led to his expulsion. But Mr. Mutati’s conduct was again found wanting and was subsequently summarily dismissed from the party in January, 2016.

Thereafter, Mr. Mutati challenged this expulsion in the Lusaka High Court and after studying the grounds of his expulsion by the MMD, the Lusaka High Court agreed with the MMD position and threw out the injunction which he was seeking and the court upheld his expulsion from the party. Mr. Mutati tried to challenge this ruling again but later quietly withdrew the matter from Court. By this action alone, Mr. Mutati reverted to his expelled status.

We wish to state that this relentless fight for the MMD Presidency by some unknown youths, Honourable Kampyongo, who is a stranger to the MMD as he is a PF minister, and others, is misdirected against Dr. Nevers Mumba. We strongly advise that they channel their energies to the 2012 MMD leadership that presided over the 2012 Convention which declared Dr. Mumba duly elected MMD President. We further appeal to them to take this fight back to the Lusaka High Court and if they can, to let them reverse the ruling that upheld the expulsion of Mr. Mutati from the MMD and thereafter find an acceptable way of imposing him as MMD President.

Finally, we wish to advise these youths that the MMD, being the mother of multi-party democracy in Zambia and the party under which Zambia was declared a Christian nation, cannot and will not engage in thuggery to resolve party issues, as they are suggesting. As democrats, we are law-abiding and will continue to pursue the route of the Courts of Law to settle any disputes and to always seek progressive and meaningful dialogue. We therefore strongly appeal to the said youths and indeed Honourable Kampyongo, to avoid unncessary threats and insults against Dr. Mumba but instead, in a calm and reasonable manner, advance their strong reasons as we have done, as to why the MMD and indeed the nation, should regard Mr. Felix Mutati as MMD President.