TB Joshua deletes prophecy of Clinton win


A prediction by influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election has been removed from the his Facebook account.

Mr Joshua told his congregation on Sunday that he “saw” a woman winning.

After Donald Trump convincingly won Tuesday’s vote, visitors to the preacher’s Facebook page noticed the prophecy had been removed.

The wealthy pastor is known as “the prophet” to his many followers.

He is one of Nigeria’s best-known and influential evangelists – and is popular across Africa, with many top politicians among his flock.

The US election prediction was broadcast on Mr Joshua’s TV channel Emmanuel TV, which an individual uploaded to YouTube.

A section of that “prophecy” was posted on the preacher’s Facebook page but is no longer available.

“Ten days ago I saw the president of America with a narrow win… What I frankly saw was a woman,” it said.

Image captionSome news sites in Nigeria took a screen grab of the post on Monday
Image captionOn Wednesday, the post was not showing on sites that had embedded it – like Ghana’s Citi FM

TB Joshua has been trending on Twitter across Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa as people shared memes poking fun at his prediction.

People have also taken to a Facebook entry he posted on Wednesday to complain.

Clive Mashiri from South Africa asked: “Why was the prophecy deleted? If this was uttered by the man of God, why remove it?”

Though some have defended him.

“I will always believe in your prophesies, through thick and thin,” said South African Gugu Mathonsi.

Many people believe TB Joshua has supernatural powers, which include healing and prophecy.

Ghana’s late President John Atta Mills said in a speech at TB Joshua’s thanksgiving service after winning an election in 2008 that he had consulted the preacher through his campaign.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli and Malawi’s former leader Joyce Banda have also paid homage to him in the past.



  1. I for one believe the God i worship is the same God Joshua worships. If you have never listened to his sermons my dear get a taste of it before you condemn just because according to your judgement the prophecy is not fulfilled. Just wait and see.

  2. ….forgive him! Prophets of nowadays are people with many shortfalls than ancient ones. Just don’t take them serious!

  3. Stop lying and misleading blacks bcoz people who have read the bible no longer believe in magic.It flopped and its only that you have confused so many African brains that you are prophet and not a magician.

  4. i have gone thruogh all the comments mind you god is watching……think before u speak

  5. Zambians Zambians Zambians, are u sure Trump has won the US Presidency? Get your facts straight my brethrens, don’t be misled. My understanding of American politics is that the majority Americans don’t directly vote for a president, instead they vote for house representatives who in turn vote for a president. At the moment most of those voted into the house are Trump’s senators/ representatives, whose votes still remain a secret. Now thse members of the house will now vote for a president, and its possible for some of Trumps people to vote for Clinton (though chances are very slim) on the day they will vote for a president. So its not yet over…

  6. a prophet giving false prophecy is a false prophet, a prophet of doom. whatever he says is not coming from God.

  7. We are all human beings and we all save the same God let love lead :…………. We all make mistakes its only by the grace of God that we are were we are right now, why do we Christians like to fight each other ?????????? If you don’t make mistakes and you’re owez right tell me am waiting do you make mistakes or not ? If yes you do make mistakes then close ur mouth and stop talking about this man, if you tell me that you don’t make mistakes then you’re a liar…………. Prophet miracle

  8. he’s just a fortune teller, which prophet? prophet here? I wonder y u even adore him, he’s just a human being..

  9. joshua is human bein like us nt an angel so if u claim 2 b a perfect christian open a church n lead pipo in a right path

  10. Melvin, am still thinking about yo assertion that Trump is anointed of God. This can be true or not true or partly true, ie, God has allowed him to lead despite not being Christian, for a purpose.
    It is evident that God has come in to show his power in the sense that false prophets are exposed and most of Trump’s plans are against the Vatican and political system of America. The question is can Trump really defy and work independently of the secret powers group of this world? Where is America in prophecy today?
    The question i would pose for Melvin is, wasn’t president John F Kennedy a God appointed leader? He was the most loved after all. He treated his people well. He had good foreign policy but alas! He was killed! Lets analyse Trump and compare him with Kennedy. Trump is not loved by all Americans, even the former presidents. His foreign policy of sifting out all none Americans especially blacks is really frightening.
    Here is what i think. If Clinton won some of us were not going to have a chance of repenting as prophecy was going to fulfil at supersonic speed. Why? She supported most of the Vatican policy on immigration and the ideology of Hitler’s unification of the world which Trump doesn’t. Trump is neither good in some way but God has appointed him for our benefits. While the Vatican will be taking time to resolve their differences with the Trump administration, we’ll use that time to refocus our minds on God,ie, repent of all our sins and be ready for the closing probation period. The sealing angel is about to finish its work. Otherwise Trump might be the last American president and one Hand over power to the beast. Remember how God used Babylon, a pagan power to punish his people. This is a wake up call. Whether Trump or Clinton all roads lead to Rome. It is only that the Clinton road was going to be speedy, Trump road a bit slower.
    We are near home!

  11. God has badly exposed fulse prophets…..ready the bible with an open mind & seek GODs guidance…amen

  12. Politics has gone too far that it has started winning some people ‘s faith lol

  13. KJV Deuteronomy 18
    22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    • Sibongile,we’re simply quoting the written word of God.it is written: “Anything that is not out of faith is sin.” “God is not a man that he should lie,neither is he a son of man that he should change his mind.”

  14. Trump is anointed by God mark my words. No person without the backing of the almighty God can go against the systems in the USA and survive. Only true prophets can see that not those who use divination like TB Josua. Theirs is fortune telling than prophesy.

  15. Sometimes the way we judge, it lead us in to sin. People, stop cursing your life and your children life, God is watching you!!!

    • Prophet or fortune teller? Tell the difference……Gods prophecy comes to pass

    • A prophet is a prophet for real and a false prophet is a false prophet for real.. y adore a human being as if he is God.. he lied yet people r busy saying he ddnt.. kaya mwandi, its even in plain sight for everyone to c

    • Your prophet is not God’s prophet. I’ve never known God’s prophets to engage in politics and fail at their prophecies!

  16. He said wat he saw. not wat he will do so if the vision was wrong still thank God the devil is a liar .

  17. learn to read the bible and not always listening and watching other pipo do wat they do…christianity is not a movie nor series.

  18. Children of God a prophesy is there for people to act on for it to be accomplished or not. I think Americans acted on prophesy that sounded as warning them if a woman is/was voted into power.

    In the Bible, Jonah prophesied to Nineveh of the impending death to all pple after 40 days (Jonah 3:1-10 ) but when they acted on that prophecy, it did not happen. Hezekiah also acted on the prophecy from Isaiah and he was saved (2King20:1-6).

    Americans have been saved from all trouble by acting on the prophesy to make a man win. I believe that the prophey was true and people acted on it. I don’t blame any man of God who prophesied. Even you can personally reverse the prophecy which is negative and God can hear you.

    Good morning

  19. Is he the only prophet who prophesied about Clinton winning?Many did,blacks and whites alike!Be prayerful and read God’s mind on this one!

  20. We will know them by their fruits…. Where do a man of God involve himself in politics

    • Prophecy is nat a fruit ma friend….u saying where did u see a man of God in politics right….well talk of daniel…talk of joseph…1stly according to the dictionary a politician is a person involved in the government of a country ….when we talk of joseph and daniel…they wer part of a world government….so i differ with u on that point…. 2ndly….u will know them of there fruit u say??who told u that prophecy is a fruit of tha spirit…read galatians5:19-23…prophecy aint a part of them now is it…so if we say 1 of tha fruit of tha flesh is lieing…then we knw that a person is a false right..??hence u distorting scripture makes u a false too…. Instead of pointing fingers it would be better if u constantly asked GOD to help u in tha faith…1 sin that has led many to hell is actualy pointing like they themselves were ayt with GOD……am nat saying u a sinner…buh ask GOD wats he got to say bout this…not our own minds…believe me theres more to these things than what our eyes and earz can grasp much Love 4 u fam God bless

  21. Pipo don’t read the Bible sure,prophets could prophecy, and if wrongly something was to happen to them,read O.T books.

  22. pipo who talk abt others u jst luk at there prayer life zero. OK b a true prophet for u think it’s by might.lol

  23. My sister don’t ague for u will never win for it is not a battle of the flesh but of the spirit

    • Do u know wat u ar saying ..u have no power to talk abt a man of God ask God fo forgiveness

    • learn to read the bible and not always listening and watching other pipo do wat they do…christianity is not a movie nor series

    • If he was really speaking for GOD…it would have come to pass,GOD has exposed them….like it or not……its time for us people to ready the bible with an open mind & seek GODs guidance…..don’t follow man

    • He calls himself man of God…which means every prophecy he prophecies comes from God…….God doesn’t make mistakes……tell him to tell us which god he worships …

    • Hi Cathy, I guess this is in light of the fact that a prophet echoes the voice of God and as such, these comments are not directed at him in his human capacity but as one who claims to relay God’s message.

    • Who is a prophet? Is a person who speaks on behalf of GOD. And God doesnt make errors

    • Judith Phiri they are not judging, the difference between you and them is that they have read the Bible on how to know who false prophets Jeremiah 28:8,9, and please kindly check the word judging in the dictionary, sure you will understand on how to use words correctly.

    • I guess the human aspect has come out & the bible says judge prophecy am sure you have judged the prophecy.Is there any prophet in the bible who prophesied wrongly or way off to what God was saying?

    • TB Joshua is businessman making millions by pretending to be a prophet.
      I’m not surprised because the Bible says there will be many false prophets

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