Lungu’s Corruption warning Commendable

President Lungu greets Zambia's Defence attache to United State of America Brig General Henry Mukuka as First Lady Esther Lungu looks on on arrival in New York
President Lungu greets Zambia's Defence attache to United State of America Brig General Henry Mukuka as First Lady Esther Lungu looks on on arrival in New York for the 71st UN General Assembly on Friday, September 16,2016-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) commends President Edgar Lungu for having been awakened on corruption and also for realising that institutions that are supposed to spearhead the Anti-Corruption crusade had gone to sleep and there was no one to awaken them.

ZCSD notes with great concern that there has been a lot of political interference in the fight against corruption and the presidency is key in creating a favourable environment for fighting the scourge. In most cases, we have seen investigative officers choosing to secure their jobs over executing their duties.

Investigative officers must feel secured when they strive to fulfill the mandate of their institutions.

Going forward, the President must constantly be firm and practical beyond issuing threats on corruption. We have heard enough of threats on corruption, let us now see actions.

Since January 20, 2015 when HE President Edgar Chagwa Lungu came into office, he has seen where government is losing millions of Kwacha and now is time for actions and not threats.

Innocent Zambians are not enjoying the benefits of being citizens in their own country and this is as a result of corruption that has been tolerated for long. For example, the corruption which is taking place in the land acquisition in the country is worrying. Land in Zambia is now for the rich and the corrupt only and this has reduced the dignity of our people in their own country.

Because of corruption, youths find it extremely difficult to acquire pieces land which is their constitutional right. Youths have been hit the most and whenever they apply for land using the rightful channels, they face severe competition from the rich and the corrupt who disadvantage them at the end of the day.

We also appeal to all ministers to support the President in the fight against corruption.

The  conditions of service for our ministers  are good enough and lives beyond an ordinary citizen’s lifestyle.

We expect our cabinet ministers to uphold the befitting Code of Conduct and ensure that the systems of governance are not weakened to disadvantage the majority Zambians.

We therefore call upon the President to begin by demanding from his ministers who were in office illegally to pay what they owe Zambians. Our bleeding economy needs that money for development and to improve people’s livelihoods and they should not even waste the precious court’s time and resources.


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  2. Yes this is commendable but my main worry is that the President has just finished appointing his Cabinet and according to what he said, he had a report of their corrupt practices. The question that needs to be answered is when did the President get a copy of the corrupt practices of his Ministers? Was it before appointing them or after appointing them? When did they become corrupt? Is it in the last term or during this new term? If it was in the last term, why were they re-appointed? The other issue that we must look at is the phrase “WARNING”. If the President has a report of the corrupt practices of some of his Cabinet Minister, surely does he need to warn them or fire them. Corruption needs a strong and firm hand. When you warn people, normally they do not stop but improve on their methods so that they are not caught. Fire the corrupt Minister your Excellence and the nation will take you serious on the matter.