Swearing In Ceremony of President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina in Pictures at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on September 13,2016
Swearing In Ceremony of President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina in Pictures at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on September 13,2016

INAUGURATION Speech By The President Of The Republic Of Zambia His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Delivered On Tuesday, 13th September, 2016 At The National Heroes Stadium Lusaka

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Your Ladyship the Chief Justice, Madam Irene Mambilima; Your excellencies Heads of state and government present; Your honour the Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia, Madam Inonge Mutukwa Wina; The honourable Mr. Speaker of the National Assembly, Justice Dr. Patrick Matibini, SC, MP; Your excellency the First president of the republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda; Your excellency the fourth president of the republic of Zambia, Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda; Representatives of heads of state and government; The secretary-general of the Patriotic Front, Mr. Davies Chama; Members of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front The secretary to the cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska; The mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka; Your royal highnesses; Esteemed leaders of other political parties here present;

Members of the diplomatic corps; Representatives of the church mother bodies and leaders of other faiths; Distinguished guests; Members of the press; Countrymen, women and youth:

My primary duty this morning is to enjoin everyone of you, my dear compatriots, to join me in bowing our heads to thank God almighty for his omnipresent mercy and compassion in guiding us through the delicate electoral process that ended generally peaceful.
Our men and women of God, in all our churches and indeed mosques, synagogues and temples, who relentlessly led us in prayer for peace, love and fellowship, deserve our thanks.
The culmination of the electoral process has not only been the overwhelming support for our great party, the patriotic front, but a positive and decisive evolution of our beloved country.

Our people continue to grow in this democratic dispensation.
I cannot find adequate words to express my unqualified and deeply heartfelt gratitude to you my fellow countrymen and women for the confidence and trust that you have reposed in me and the PF fraternity through your vote, which surpassed expectations.
To all my fellow foot soldiers in the patriotic front, our partners in the movement for multi-party democracy (MMD), the Christian democratic party, the Zambia Republican party, the all-people’s congress party, and the many other sympathetic parties, I tender my most sincere thanks.

Country men and women,

For your diligence, your passion, your sense of national duty, your enormous sacrifices, and your unassailable patriotism, I thank you!
To the many well-wishers who, in one way or another, provided for me, my colleagues and our party with generous resources that made it possible for us to campaign effectively, before and during the elections, we say thank you.

You truly don’t know how important your contributions were.
Let us seize the opportunity to rise above the different points of view that divided us. The temptation to believe that only our solutions alone are the best is an ingrained human deficiency.
By happy coincidence, and because of the commendable track record of performance in government, the patriotic front has once again been entrusted with the mandate to preside over the destiny of Zambia.

As we continue with this sacred mandate to push the frontiers of our robust transformational agenda for mother Zambia, I will always seek solace in your fellowship, love, undivided loyalty and commitment to your country. It is an honour that we must justify.
The elections are over. And as a people, we stand as united as ever. We know that elections, like any other competitive enterprise, have the ability to bring out the most selfish aspects of our humanity.

Country men and women,

When the election season is over, there should be no winners and losers but we all must take away with us the valuable from the elections.

On my part, I have learnt that there is no time and latitude to settle old scores. We have got work to do.

Let us seize the opportunity to rise above the different points of view that divided us. The temptation to believe that only our solutions alone are the best is an ingrained human deficiency.
It is our duty as citizens of mother Zambia to acknowledge that we are on this journey together, as guided by our national motto: “One Zambia, One nation!”

My dear friends, You have placed on my shoulders a huge burden of responsibility… and indeed a heavy debt to ensure that at no time should you ever feel you had misplaced your trust and confidence in me. I won’t let you down!

I can only totally submit myself to the good lord almighty, to continually guide me to dutifully, diligently and faithfully, with humility, fulfil my duties and obligations to our country.

I have sworn to be a servant to every Zambian and no individual or group of individuals or class of individuals shall hold me hostage to serve their personalised interests. I will not disappoint you!
I am mindful of the fact that no leader, however strong, can succeed in any endeavour of national importance without the support of the people he or she is sworn to serve. The patriotic front, from the inception of its administration in 2011 under the leadership of our illustrious departed hero, Michael Chilufya Sata (mhsrp), embarked on a crusade to transform Zambia by accelerating the human development process.

As a party in government, we have taken power to the people in a way never before. We must now consolidate the gains of the past five years.

Our programmes have resulted in the unprecedented unfolding of infrastructure, an inescapable prelude to all forms of development, including in the critical social sectors. We are proud of what we have achieved in just five short years amid some of the most intractable challenges in the local and global economy.
Country men and women,

We still have a lot of unfinished business. But I am persuaded beyond doubt, that we will push even more vigorously to consolidate our transformative development agenda.
We must have a little more faith and confidence in our own abilities to change our adverse situations.

We must now re-define the word investor to mean ourselves. Fellow Zambians, patriotism is cardinal for the survival of our nation.

In my humble opinion, our first point of investment in this democratic enterprise must, as of necessity, begin with investing in ourselves.

On my many trips around the country, during my campaigns, I discovered a project embarked upon by a few patriotic Zambians.

These compatriots, against all odds, have established an iron and steel plant in Kafue town.

To this effect, in order to encourage such homegrown industries to thrive, I am making Kafue town an iron and steel facility economic zone. I am also beseeching my compatriots to develop this facility into a centre of excellence for local industries.

This economic facility zone is meant to induce the revamping of the economic status of Kafue and spearhead the industrialisation programme for Zambia as a whole. This is the model of what we intend to do countrywide to facilitate the emergence of homegrown industrialisation.

Country men and women,

For those who will join me in my new adminsitration, I have a message for you! We all must lead from the front.

I want to lead a green revolution that must cultminate in sustainable national food security from individual actions of each one of us.

To this effect, I am directing that it is a pre-requisite for anyone starting from the rank of director in government ministries and departments to engage in at least one agro-based activity. This can be a smallholder for fish-famring, poultry, vegetable or any food production venture. I will lead from the front starting with my staff at state house. We are gifted with adequate land and water resources abundantly and excellent weather. We cannot just talk about this and let it pass. Let us get down to work!

Country men and women,

I have no hesitation telling you my countrymen and women that I myself come from a humble background and as a result, I am deeply touched by the difficulties and miseries that ordinary people experience in terms of material possessions.

I am a product of the sacrifice, which determined humble people made to make us who we are.

My parents invested in us, their children, to progress beyond where they themselves had managed. They taught us to respect hard work. They taught us to respect other people irrespective of their status or station in life.

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This is a legacy I treasure and always seek to emulate and pass on to my children and their children.

While on family, allow me to thank my dear wife, Esther, who has been with me on the campaign trail. She has been a tremendous source of strength and inspiration. My dear Lady, thank you so much!

To my children, grandchildren and all my friends and relatives, I say thank you for your unfailing love and support. Zambia belongs to all of us who live in it and work it.

Country men and women,

Our new mission must now be to give ourselves the ability and confidence to be masters in our own destiny. We must begin to conclusively wean our economy from the current copper mining dominated mono-economy. In this new dispensation we must promote and sustain agriculture to become one of the main drivers of our diversification programme.

Whilst it is in our basic interest to make our rural areas more attractive by continuing with our very successful programmes of decentralisation, we must, as a matter of extreme urgency, also begin to decongest the road traffic in our main urban settlements.

There is a dire need for us to improve in our discipline in all the things we think, say and do. I plan to introduce ultra-modern radar-based technology to help control reckless behaviour on our roads in order to curb the ever increasing traffic accidents. Road traffic enforcement agencies will work closely with my office to install this technology. No life must be lost needlessly on our roads.

Country men and women

In order to sustain our country’s industrialisation and agriculture efforts, we must continue to develop support infrastructure such as feeder roads, railways, waterways and begin to generate energy from other potential sources while preserving the environment and minimising the cost of doing business.

I can announce here that my administration will in this term of office, pursue nuclear technology as part of the a diversified sustainable energy mix to power our economy. I also have good news that some where in the north of the country, in block 31, investors have began a promising exploration project for oil and gas.

My fellow Zambians, we must now start to redouble our efforts at indigenising investment in science and technology research, in development and in innovation. To do this, our skills base must improve correspondingly.

We must begin to strengthen the Zambian economy by making the transaction in the Zambian Kwacha a reality.

In order to self-sustain our economy, we must first produce local, buy local and use local and then export more.

Yes, my friends, it is now time for us to make concerted efforts at protecting, preserving and rehabilitating our country’s environment so as to systematically mitigate the effects of climate change and make our tourism industry more meaningful. “sonta apowabomba, ngawafilwa sela tubombepo” is not only a political slogan, but also a new cultural dispensation calling for hard work.

Countrymen and women,

Once again you have exhibited the maturity and collective wisdom, by choosing peace during the rather prolonged election process.

Yes, there were pockets of hostility, but isolated. Nevertheless, even these isolated acts of hooliganism are a bloat on our image and must be totally banished from our midst. Those incidents of violence in some parts of our country are a collective shame on all us. But perptrators must carry a heavier burden of it. Those acts of violence are a scar on the conscience of the nation. We will act decisively to forestall such behaviour.

Countrymen and women,

In this regard, I will be appointing an inquiry to establish the cause and perpetrators of the post-election violence so that the nation can learn from such mistakes.

As a responsible government we cannot look away when organised violence is deployed against some sections of our people. That cannot, and will not be tolerated!

Let me take this opportunity to thank their excellencies, the heads of state and government, who have made time to come and support us.

We value your hand of friendship and the brotherly relations that exist between our governments and our peoples. Thank you for your solidarity and your unflinching commitment to our cause.

Additionally, and on behalf of all Zambians, I would like to thank all institutions and individuals who took part in the management of the electoral process.

These include but not limited to the electoral commission of Zambia, our cooperating partners, civil society organisations, observer missions, both local and foreign, the churches and civic groups for your valuable contribution towards the successful holding of elections in Zambia.

The Zambia police service and other security wings deserve our commendation for maintaining peace, law and order before, during and after the elections even under extreme pressure and provocation.

Countrymen and women,

The future and promise of this great country beckons us all. Now is the time to put aside our differences and believe in our common destiny.

Together we must dare to dream big, try harder and care deeply for our country.

As we embark on developing the country in the next five years, we are mindful of the development challenges that daunt us.

The majority of our people are predominantly youths and it is my desire to harness the potential we see in the youths to spur development for our country. The youths need education and skills, they need proper health care system and be facilitated to effectively participate in our economy.

The next five years must deliver prosperity to all Zambians, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society.

As it has been said before:

“the test of progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have little or nothing at all”.

Government took a deliberate policy to align the national planning process to the electoral cycle so that with a new electoral mandate we can set development priorities for ourselves.

Therefore, as we embark on this new journey we ought to ask ourselves fundamental questions to challenge our mindsets.
Countrymen and women,

For this to happen, I pledge that my administration will not leave anyone behind. Under my administration, every region of the country and all Zambians are entitled to receive the benefits of development.

Similarly, each one of us is expected to contribute to national development and this shall be the hallmark of the seventh national development plan and is also contained in our party manifesto.
Prosperity for all cannot be achieved in an acrimonious environment. Without peace, there can be no development.

Without peace, our current achievements can easily be undermined, without peace, there can be no stability in the nation. It is only in a peaceful environment that we can build on our achievements and attain greater prosperity for all.

We will remain focused on facilitating a conducive business and investment climate to ensure private sector led development.

Government will also not hesitate to take appropriate measures where development efforts are being impeded by factors that affect delivery of public goods.

Where private sector participation will not be realized at the desired rate, government will apply a mix of policy and legislative interventions aimed at enhancing development.

Government will also not hesitate to take appropriate measures where development efforts are being impeded by factors that affect delivery of public goods.

Some of these may include making interventions on land encroachments in development pathways, making interventions on those keeping land idle that can be used for development and employment creation for our youths.

To further accelerate development efforts, parastatal companies will through the industrial development cooperation (IDC) be required to take the lead where private sector participation is not being fully realized.

Pension houses will be required to invest in housing development and other infrastructural development projects to support speedy delivery of development.

Let me also reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that resources reach all districts by accelerating sector devolution and fiscal decentralization.

Let me underscore our commitment to pursuing national planning process to set benchmarks on which financing of sectors will be based and prioritized.

Countrymen, women and youth,

As we steer Zambia towards prosperity for all, we shall pursue a progressive foreign policy with particular emphasis on economic diplomacy, which must have direct benefits to the people of Zambia.

We will remain true to our international commitments and this much we pledge.

I would like to call upon all Zambians to inculcate a culture of hard work within ourselves, sacrifice and endurance in our quest to achieve our personal ambitions and benefits.

Engaging in corruption cannot be a substitute to the pride that comes from personal effort and determination to achieve prosperity.

May I therefore implore all Zambians to work hard in our schools, in offices, in ndustries, on our farms and in our homes.

Let every village, chiefdom and town reverberate to the rhythm of our hard-working men, women and the youth.

Let our resolve to contribute to a better Zambia not be constrained by the many challenges that come our way.

Let us sacrifice for our motherland and this way, we will secure and guarantee prosperity at individual, family, community and national level.

Let us exhibit stewardship towards our common inheritance, wealth and destiny, our land, our minerals, our environment and our people.

In our quest to secure prosperity for all, the road ahead may not be easy. It calls for commitment and hard work. Like our noble eagle in its flight, we have the capacity, tenacity and determination to confront adversities.

We discharged our civic duty solemnly, proudly and freely and at the end of the day, the die was cast and you the people spoke.
I can see and feel your aspirations, in Lumumba road, in Mongu, in Solwezi, in Chipata, in Mpika, in Kawambwa, in Mumbwa…
Chimwemwe, Kanyama, in Chingola, and of course in Dundumwezi. Yes I hear you all.

Today, on this day, in this place, we meet to affirm the power of your vote.

Your vote signifies your re-affirmation of your great trust and confidence in the PF government. We shall not take your unwavering trust for granted.

It is against this background that I would like to pay glowing tribute to all our political opponents for the well- fought battle. What unites us is by far greater than what seeks to divide us.

Friends, we have nothing against one-another but instead we only have a common agenda and that is to develop this great country.
I would also want to thank my colleague and vice-presidnet of the republic of Zambia who is also my running mate for her unparalleled support.

I also wish to express my great and heartfelt gratitude to all triumphant mps and all those who did not make it for putting up a spirited fight.

My gratitude also go to all party functionaries lead by the secretary-general of our party and all our supporters for a job well done. I want to thank you our foot soldiers, our cadres… well done.
You are the lifeblood of this great party, the winning PF!

Countrymen, women,

I appreciate you all my brothers and sisters, mothers and children, grand parents the disabled and all diverse people of this country for turning up in great numbers.

I can see and feel your aspirations, in Lumumba road, in Mongu, in Solwezi, in Chipata, in Mpika, in Kawambwa, in Mumbwa…Chimwemwe, Kanyama, in Chingola, and of course in Dundumwezi. Yes I hear you all.

My Dundumwezi promise stands…I am coming to greet those 252 dear supporters of mine and hope to convert more! I feel and hear your needs and we will not let you down.

Let me end by saying let us hold each other’s hand and move forward together. We can jointly and whilst holding hands together climb even the highest mountain without being daunted by its summit.

Thank you-mother Zambia;
May God bless you all,

God Bless the Republic of Zambia!

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