Sinkamba lodges complaint against ConCourt judges


Green party President Peter Sinkamba has lodged a written complaint with the Judicial Complaints Commission for the removal of the Constitutional Court Judges on grounds of incompetence and gross misconduct pursuant to Articles 143 and 144 of the Constitution.

In his letter dated 6th September,2016 addressed to the Secretary of the Judicial Complaints Commission, Mr Sinkamba says the behavior of the entire bench of the court in the manner in which they handled the petition from start to finish brought the Constitutional Court into disrepute, ridicule or contempt contrary to Article 143(a) of the Constitution.

He adds that the behaviour of the judges was prejudicial or inimical to the economy of the country, and threatened the security of the State contrary to Article 143(b) of the Constitution.

Mr Sinkamba says the contradictory rulings the court made which bordered on breaching Rules of the Constitutional Court and the Constitution of Zambia are clear manifestation of incompetence.

He adds for the first time in the history of Zambia, lawyers for the petitioners and the respondents walked out and boycott the proceedings, a sign that the manner in which the bench was conducting the matter before it was fundamentally wrong.

Mr Sinkamba states that there is no doubt in his mind that the behaviour of the bench brought the Constitutional Court into disrepute, ridicule or contempt.

He says that while he applauds the fact that the bench vacated its illegal position to hear the petition outside the stipulated 14 days, on 5th September, the integrity and credibility of the Court was already brought in question.