Handover power to Speaker, HH tells Lungu


United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has maintained that President elect Edgar Lungu should step down and allow the Speaker of the National Assembly to take over.

Speaking during a media briefing Sept 3rd afternoon, Mr. Hichilema says President Lungu should step down to allow the petition to be discharged in a fair manner.

He says by holding on to power, President Lungu is abrogating the constitution which he himself signed citing that the rule of law should apply to everybody.

And Mr. Hichilema has appealed to Zambians not to be divided by falsehood but take responsibility to keep the country together.

And speaking earlier, UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba says all will be well and so the people of Zambia should stay calm.

Mr. Mwamba says this is the time that Zambians need to be united more than ever before.

And earlier MMD faction President Dr. Nevers Mumba says God is in control and will see the country through.

He has thanked the two UPND leaders for the fighting spirit they have put up during the petition period.





  1. Please present your most important evidence before your extension is over and you cry about time again. I’m tired with this petition thing. Not everyone is as loaded as you and there are no more companies that I sell to make quick money

  2. This is Contempt of Court ……This matter is currently before the courts of law …Am very sure someone should raise a motion tomorrow to cite HH for contempt of court. …

  3. So thats why these UPND morons waste time on. They will go in court for more preliminary issues of President stepping down bullshit instead of concentrating on main petition. When time elapses, they want extension again…Nonsense

  4. I’m busy reading the comment from the ignorants who don’t know what the constitution signed by ECL says, and it is like Malawian Sangoma’s charms are very powerful,some people can’t see how unfairness,unjustice and freedom which is moving away because of monopoly and dictatorship type of leadership,2 radio stations,Muvi TV and the Postnewspaper was supposed to be closed before the election campaign started or after elections not during elections.people they don’t know what HH and GBM are fight for.May God deliver us from the darkness to lightness.

  5. a’ambako ifyabupuba futi, u MAN u want to waist tym once again on dat issue on da expense of yo imcompetent petition……GROW UP MAN IF U DNT WANT TO GROW UP ZAMBIA WANTS TO GROW STOP WAISTING ITS TIME TO DEVELOP #KAENEMY OF PROGRESS

  6. So it is just a fight these guys have put up right not really that they want justice?

    He signed the constitution because he had people at heart.

    What about u who stopped your members of parliament from supporting the current amended constitution which u are clinging on.

    Besides that u shot down the referendum. Just swallow your pride sir by accepting that ECL is president.

    I can just sense jealousy away from bitterness.

  7. GBM “all will be well and Zambian must remain calm” HH please be reminded that Mr Mwamba is waiting for you to totally go mad and takes over UPND. Whilst you call on Edgar Lungu to step aside, be reminded that there’s no law for now to back up your claims. You wanted the court to help you interpret. They through out your application don’t you think you need to change your stance in this fight? I would encourage you to start remobilizing your party now. Convince everyone that they should also give you a sixth chance in 2021 other than wasting our time. We want to move on for we do not eat politics. Wake up boss boss and face reality otherwise GBM will grab your party

    • wht ar u talking abt,th problm we hv n zambia s thr s too mch illitracy nd u c ur own driven constitution been misused nd u say everythng is alright,shit,wht u shud mind or put n mind s tht tht document ws signed for after the whole country supported it nd our president ws asked to append hs signature.So dot support blindly,ok.If u ar nt learnt ask Laz to interpret it for u to understand.

  8. There is to much hate in the eyes of many young Zambians today. They speak without reasoning, they do not want the truth no matter how. IT IS LIKE WEN THEY TOOK JESUS before Pilato, the people’s hearts were hardened as evil spirits charted to influence the masses crucify him. I urge you all to take a little moment and reflect for good of mother Zambia.

  9. This is day dreaming, one minor insignificant and probably untenable court room extension of the inevitable seems to have rejuvenated him into issuing imaginary directives, you not going nowhere, sir!!!

  10. Who’s he (hh) to command the sitting head of state to handover power to the speaker of the national assembly? This guy mean no good to the nation like Zambia. Greedy will kill this chap believe u me.

    • They always say pf cadres support their president blindly. This comment my brother can put you behind bars for a long time and hh won’t be there to help you. Chill and let the court decide. Putting a bullet where? Mind your language . This is social media, you never know who reads this. Safety kuli sunga we mwine!!

    • Nchimunya before you vomit any useless things from your mouth think about your mother who you may not see for a very long time when you are behind bars.Your words could be a witness to your case mind you so many people are on facebook and you don’t know who are commenting.Which bullet are you talking about?You are a very small fly who can be traced within 10 minutes.You don’t comment blindly because other people have commented.I would advice you hide your identity right away and leave this page.Those fooling you may not even come for you Concentrate on your future and be reminded that we have your details on our finger tips.

    • I pity your evil thoughts coz even if I don’t support HH, I owez wish him good health and more prosperity because when he does, we all prosper (as it is evident that we are all eating beef from zambeef at a cheap price because of him). Wish you retract your statement and ask for forgiveness because Lungu is a father to someone just like you are a son to someone.

  11. if the constitution he cited also allowed you HH to exceed the 14days concourt mandate, what’s so hard for you to watch him the way he watched you while crossing the lines of the ConCourt? just swallow the bone bululu nangu chikubabe bwanji ni kuichaila

  12. Honorable Jean Kapata, honorable Kambwili and former father frank Bwalya. cannot allow President Lungu to hand over power to the speaker. Especially former father Frank Bwalya.