IT IS NOT OVER, BUT HH AND GBM performed wonders- Chilufya Tayali


Chilufya Tayali– I want to declare rightly that I am with Edgar Lungu no matter what happens in the Concourt and thereafter, however, I will give you the update as it happened.

After all the lawyers abandoned the case, when the UPND had lost 7 of their applications against one which the Respondents also lost making it 7-0, HH and GBM came in with one more almost like the last stone to throw.

HH and GBM aimed at the Judges and hit the target.

The duo prayed for more time and it was granted in what you may describe as a legal miracle. Lawyers had argued all possible ways to have the time extended but it was refused but almost at 00:00, the judges agreed to adjourn the matter to Monday.

The Concourt further directed that each parties will have 2 days in which to make their case.

I, therefore, invite you to celebrate if you are UPND because HH and GBM performed wonders tonight.

For the PF, it is time to get on the knells because, what has happened tonight challenges me who believes that everything happens in the light of God.

I ask me if I am worried, not at all, I always submit to the Will of God.

I may run the case over the weekend just to summaries the issues.


  1. Chilufya tayali u r a fool un idiot….u were deceiving pipo at lusaka voice meanwhile u r ecl’s voice I knew it coz u hv bin alwez against hh now stand still and see th Lord almighty work this time God is God guys dnt play games wth him he z greater thn ur hatreds

  2. SABOTAGE , the Law has been sabotaged, this is a total confusion in the line of our constitution. We have men and women who have been infiltrate in the judiciary. And this is the saddest part of it.

  3. God will win in this process; not matter what. Only God knows what’s happening tomorrow and His will shall succeed. Woe to all humans who use His name in vain.

  4. The Court adjourned the Presidential Petition to Monday Sep 5, 2016 but selfish people who wants to satisfy their selfish motives have their ears and eyes opened. Their mouth have pronounced the adjourning to Monday “Breaking the Law”. When ECL failed to handover power to the Speaker according to article 103 (1) and (3), such people didn’t see it as breaking the Law because this served their selfish motives and objectives. Let’s not talk to suit our Interests and desires. Accommodate other people as well in your talking because this country belong to All Zambians not 1 or 2 people. I know everyone expect the Court ruling to go their way because we all have desires, motives, wishes and objectives that we have to accomplish and we can’t let go but to keep fighting.

  5. Am happy that you’re now openly announcing your affiliation to PF and Lungu, stop deceiving people that you’re their voice. You don’t speak for nobody but your belly!!!useless kandile!!!!