UPND set to petition election results

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

The opposition UPND has encouraged its members that the fight to reclaim its alleged stolen votes in the just ended general elections is not over yet.

UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba says his party has sufficient evidence to petition the outcome of the elections.

Mr. Mwamba says the evidence is enough to secure a judgment most Zambians are waiting for as it is actually being supplied by the people who allegedly helped the ruling PF to steal its votes.

He has disclosed at media briefing held last evening that part of this evidence will include the incarceration of some of its members on alleged tramped up non-bailable  charges.

Mr. Mwamba says party members should remain prayerful and calm as the Constitutional Court hears the petition.

He thinks that it is not necessary for anyone to panic as he believes God is on side of the UPND.

Speaking at the same briefing MMD president Nevers Mumba has wondered why there was so much security at Mulungushi International Conference Center were elections results were being announced.

Dr. Mumba has recalled that it has never happened in Zambia’s history that the returning officer of a presidential election can be protected by armed police officers at the time of announcing the results.

He suspects that what happened on Monday this week when President Lungu was being declared winner of the election is a sign of how scared the ruling PF is of what it has allegedly done.

And Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi warned the ruling PF and President Lungu that the path upon which they are is one of ruin.

Mr. Milupi says this is not only ruling PF and President Lungu himself that are headed for ruin but it is also the rest of the nation.

He says it is very important that the will of the people seem to prevail and which is the more reason the petition will be filed in the Constitutional Court on Thursday today.


  1. LESSONS FROM THIS ELECTION I found this very interesting, so am sharing… 1. Never to bank on crowds at political rallies. 2. You cannot win an election at the back of tribalism 3. Zambians have waken up, you cannot impose an unpopular candidate no matter how powerful you are, the electorates will defy you. The number of independent candidates who have scooped the seats in this year is unprecedented. 4. Do not be deceived by political pronouncements and claims, I was very sure prof. Nkandu Luo was losing but she won convincingly. 5. Do not think you have the monopoly of intelligence, even people with basic education can comprehend and interpret economic matters better. The case of Lusaka and CB with so much job losses yet the results indicate something else… 6. Making generalisations should be backed with facts. For instance it’s not enough to say Zambians are suffering…otherwise Lusaka and CB could have gone to the opposition. 7. Do not underestimate the power of collective responsibility. Some people took this election as a protest to imperialism /capitalism, pomposity, polarisation and tribalism. 8. Do not insult the crocodile while your ass is still in water. 9. Do not despise prayers and mock those who pray, it doesnt matter the individual who calls for prayers. God is for us all. The relationship is between you and your God. 10. Intimidation, haughtiness, violence and sarcasm does not win one many friends. 11. Your cup of tea might be my poison, so don’t think everything begins and ends with you. In a democracy people have choices, their reasons for having different choices should not attract your attacks

  2. HH has never accepted any election results…he has been winning all 5 elections kaili they were all rigged by his understanding….calm down and accept that you lost…

  3. God hs samthn important 4 HH,2 tell u ze truth upnd will cam in2 power ze day thy r going 2 change ze party president.its jst ze sem with nevers Mumba,tht father ws cod 2 b a pastor nt a politician.God cn Neva allow HH 2 b westn money lyk tht @ ze end of ze day he gets nothn,wich mins thr z samthn gud 4 hm samwere else nt in politics

  4. So people, you mean the courts will nullify the election &we go and vote again?Then if its voting again we shall not but to tell the court to apoint hh as President.

  5. You can’t have two fathers. So you can’t thank other people’s father. Wait for your father’s time. Don’t make other people to be fools. Dununa basi.

  6. Since u want to serve the Zambian citizens and they have said no they don’t want yo services kubaleka. U don’t have to force yoself ati mpakafye nteke awe!!!

  7. Printing ballot papers in dubai also infuriated you. What type of a person are you? Everything is bad to you. Kuleni bamudala. Naka smile panono+patience can do even if things do not favor you.

  8. Its true… grown up people, who are enough in their minds can’t celebrate such things. Especially one who followed the procedure of our elections from the word ‘go’.

  9. May the lord God be with the President HH.my prayer is that let us find the winning formula that will help us to win our next elections we still have time because we are now in all provinces

  10. Before u start the race especially elections only two things involve it’s loose n win, one funny thing is before pple cast their votes we head from opposition side they were saying this tym tabaibe we have international observes frm different countries n local observers as well but wat happen again so are u telling me that they were doing nothing wen they came? Please let’s maintain peace

  11. Hope you don’t loose again because even accepting defeat is winning in itself! It’s called wisdom. Let people that truely love this party save it’s blushes please!! Most of our leaders seem to have wrong advisers.You have alarmed the international community already but they have come & gone speaking well of the elections.What more do you want to prove or achieve that we haven’t heard? I for one would advise the ECZ to sue you for discrediting them the way you have done through out. All the best,i rest my case!

  12. No one rigged the election we must be realistic guys how do u expect hh to wine when his counselors and mps did not wine. Pipo are not ready for change though the pf did not fulfil some of the promises.

  13. Stop wasting our time.In 2006 u were among other presidents who pertitioned what came out of that pertition? Move -dont waste our time we need these ministers and their head in their offices .This country needs people to go to work.Its not always about you politicians and your desperation to look for a job.U started crying like a baby even before compaighns and election dates were set.Now your complaints are cries are going forward???? Can’t u dump this crap for once?Nanaka nemwe Yama.

  14. Mr president HH don’t worry about these people who talk negative about you. You’ve achieved so much more than these who say you a failure in real sense they are the ones who are failures because they have never achieved what you have achieved. viva upnd viva HH

  15. what is more interesting is PF is ruling, hey guy from UPND you can call us fools thieves but we are on the driving seat so relax and enjoy the ride till 2021 and hope to see you there

  16. can u pliz tell us how they rig election we want 2 know coz I personaly don’t think u can rig election coz all the poling agents representing a particuler party were there in all poling stations 2 verify the results so how was it done tell us ?


  18. he has never accepted any loss.they were against the amended constitution and they are appealing to the constitutional court of appeal created by the same constitution which they rejected.lack of principles and double standards.

  19. It not news to ua that you hv rejected bcoz you said that along time ago,so they issue of putting blame on the ECZ is unjustifileble,since you said that so you tried by all mean to find a fault even where nt.Upnd thought by asking the clould whom they will vote for they thought those people hv even voted not forgeting that different people wea attending rallies trying to hear whose manifesto is genuin.Upnd hv failed to accept the elction bcoz they had already crowned themselves winner even before the game has started.With the same pattern of voting,even if we aer to go for a re-run the outcme wil sti the same.

    • How you are forgeting that percenge of people who voted in upnds stronghold was almost 90% meaning few people did nt vote,but with the pfs stronghold the percentage of people who voted was about 50% meaning alot of people did nt vote.So if we are to go for a re-run it means thoz people inpfs stronghold willturn up to cast there vote nd wat wil happen is the number wil increase by a big margin while in upnds it wil jst increase alittle bcoz few people remained.

  20. I told you all this is because you have no regard for our Lord Jesus Christ who had put Lungu President of Zambia and instead you kept on insulting him day in and day out not knowing you were doing to God (Romans 13:1-2). All you are doing is dragging God’s will to God which is impossible. Because when God has said yes you can not change it to No! Next time please recognise the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in all you do and say…. (James 4:8).

    • Have you have experienced the selfishness they have or you just hear from people? Because a lot of people have asked they always say;
      1.My grandpa said these people are bad because he lived with them or my uncle also said it.
      2.My father or mum also said the same or your friend could tell you someone also who mentioned about it to him or her.Its very difficult to see what these people say,because we have them around us every where,in churches ,school, neighbours and you can’t tell or see the selfishness in them.They are humans just like any one else,now because of politics they are portrayed twice of their selfishness. One people.

    • Me it’s experience. …not hear says or that one said …I have lived with many tongas and lozi people. …my brother was married to one lozi woman ….so Mr lngnatius chola yes they are selfish people. ..

  21. Careful with what you wish for. Might just find something interesting in the southern vote where people who are not upnd where chased from polling stations. What where they trying to do

  22. U re not even ashamed of yo self ba Upnd Uthik hh is yo God, let Lungu work 4pipo not & u ba UPND let yo president find u a job ku FARm yakwe mukuchema igombe kkkkkkkkkk

  23. I walked in the streets yesterday and I noticed that 99’/. of those celebrating were criminal faced and children without proper parent guidance. ….shame….this is clear theft…all evidence is there for all to see.

  24. Zambians have voted ECZ has nothing to do with that zambia has a lot of street people with voters cards kaponyas marketers street is what makes zambia repect it and love it coz it is your zambia not only for the rich but poor people too so all you rich people saying you have been treated unfairly soory porvarty beats the rich only in haven

  25. Joseph Mvula tell them ati na GBV ni excellence……hehehe you have made my day. Concede defeat there is life after losing an election. Reflect on your mistakes and try in 2021 okey.

  26. Only a fool can celebrate to this rigged victory, ,,, if you have noticed, ,, only street adults & a banch of thieves in public office are celebrating, , real patriotism calls for one to be in shock just how ECZ could stoop so low, ,,,, but Zambians Zoona, ,,, mediocrity is in the blood. ,!

    For me,friends & my family, ,, we will stand for excellence, ,, it’s HH all the way, ,!..Zambia Forward. : Janza Kumbele

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